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November 2, 2017

On Sunday, our church, along with some other neighboring churches, celebrated the Reformation 500. Some of the children of our church were assigned different Reformation heroes to create art work for, and we displayed them as centerpieces for the fellowship. We had been listening to Desiring God’sHere We Stand,” and the girls were especially excited to study their assigned heroes. They were even more enthusiastic about painting their portraits. After they each completed two, they were asking me to give them more to do!

I really love how their painted portraits came out. We used acrylic paint on this Strathmore acrylic paper. They each took such care in mixing colors and creating the right shades. For Glow, I drew the outline, she filled in the details with pencil, then went over it in paint. There will definitely be more painting projects in our future.

This podcast is good one to listen to if you want to understand the Reformation.

Each row from top to bottom: Brave, True, Soul, Glow

You get bonus points if could name each portrait.

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