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June 18, 2010

outside flowers
Aren’t Fridays always happy?!! They must be for sure. For you school folk, that means no school for two days, for you working in the world folk, that means no work for two days, and for us working at home folk (be it just staying home with kids or running a wee business), that means we get to be with our working out of the home love(s) for two whole days! Therefore, Fridays must always be happy days.
It seems to a be a little ritual in our house of late, that Friday mornings I go out and pick some flowers to bring inside. I like that ritual. I hope I can keep all the flowers alive, so I can keep doing this little ritual.
It feels like I say this all the time, but this week was such a whirlwind and time to get things done just isn’t there anymore. Plus, we have been working on a little something for Ben that has taken chunks of our day, but we are so glad to do it! We will share it on Monday, but let’s just say that instead of just giving Ben a father’s day, we are giving him a father’s week. We think he actually deserves a father’s month, but we will work our way up there and do a week for now. Oh boy… we love our Papi so, so much!!!
I hope you enjoy your weekend loving and adoring all your darlings, especially them fathers!
p.s. a little bird tells me there is one dollhouse pillow up for grabs. sold.

7 comments on “happy day”

  • awwww what a sweet little post! i love fridays for the reasons you explained above! that's soo neat that you go out and pick flowers from the garden!

  • Rosalind says:

    We celebrate Fathers day in Sept here!! A little sugar in your water, cut stems on an angle and fresh water every couple of days will help (I used to be a florist 🙂 We LOVE Fridays too for the same reasons – I enjoy a little sanity for two days!

  • what a cute post! I wish I had such great flowers to pick from my own garden! enjoy a fabulous father's day with your lovely family. : )

  • Meg says:

    fridays ARE the best! i'm jealous you have so many flowers growing in your backyard!! curious to hear about this father's week you're planning – how sweet!

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  • rubi says:

    i'm a hairstylist which means i work every saturday so fridays aren't the happiest for me….but i love doing hair so that's fine.

  • Sara says:

    can't wait to read about Ben's day! week!

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