February 15, 2012

surprise love ballsurprise love ballsurprise love ball
surprise love ball
surprise love ball
Each note coordinated with the gift it was attached with. For example, the hotwheel car note said, “You’re hot!” and the whoopee cushion note said, “You make my heart go, “Whoopee!”” or the yo-yo note said, “Yo my favorite thing!” Some also may be a little too risque to share here! *wink*
The ball actually took Ben 15 minutes to unravel and he was tired by the end of it, but loving it all. I like making surprises for him! He’s one of a kind!!! The video condensed that time into a minute and a half. I had seen these surprise balls circulate the blogosphere a few years ago and was always waiting for the perfect opportunity to make one for Ben. I was loving making that ball so much, I am kind of in need to make another. I hope I have to make another present for someone soon!

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