February 15, 2012

The day started off with the girls’ love day bags waiting at their breakfast spot and an extra valentine from their Papi for all his girls (including me!).
love day 2012love day 2012love day 2012love day 2012
Their bags were filled with some edible treats and a clip for the big girls. Their shared wrapped present were the my little pony toys they have been wanting, rather, their papi has been eagerly wanting to get them.
My present on the other hand, were two of the shirts I had been wanting from our trip to Madewell. Turns out, while I was trying things on, that boy of mine sneakily purchased two shirts and had them hiding in the baby sling! See this picture, he is hiding two shirts in that sling of his. Definitely sneaky, sneaky, but I love it and love him more!!!
love day 2012love day 2012love day 2012love day 2012
The girls got put to bed extra early, so Ben and I could get in some quiet time. We ordered sushi, put on some quiet music, and just ate and chatted together. Kinda nice. I also gave him his little handmade present, but I will save that for another post. I love simple celebrations like this. Though, I am not opposed to fancy ones too! I just love celebrating in general.
Ben has a lot of girls to romance and I feel so blessed that he enjoys using his creativity and love for us to spoil us girls. We love our Papi very much!!! It was definitely a good Valentine’s Day in our home.
How was yours?

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