a rose like no other

September 12, 2008

So my new skill of free motion embroidery led me to make this special little number. Often times, I feel so bad when I sew because I usually sew True something first. This time, I wanted to make something especially for my little Brave-y…
This was one of those projects that you just felt good about and couldn’t stop until it was done. So fervently I worked during their naps and bedtimes until it was completed. I think the embroidery of the rose took longer than making the dress itself, as I used 5 variations of red/pink and 3 variations of green, so there was a lot of machine threading and unthreading going on, not including all the bobbin winding I did. Ben was quite amazed as he was working next to me as I sewed. He said, “You are drawing with your sewing machine?!!” I like to “wow” the husband, he makes me feel like the smartest girl on the planet!

The dress was inspired by this cardigan from Anthropologie
It is just the inside of the sweater, but why should something with so much beauty be hidden inside, I thought it belonged on the outside, so I did just that. I really think that Anthropologie ought to take some of their clothes and make a kids line with it. I would be glad to be their gal to help them with that! Who said kids couldn’t be sophisticated?!!

I think the little sleeves are so sweet and the white and black polka dot is a nice contrast with the embroidered rose. The dress closes at the back with a simple little tie…
It really all turned out nicely, just like I envisioned in my head. I am glad that there were no real screw ups because that happens to me often, as I just start cutting the fabric without use of a pattern, so if I mess up, I mess up, and off to the trash it goes or to somebody else that might fit it.

I think all it calls for a now is a cute, little, red cardigan! Anyone know where I can find a simple one? Maybe, I will try to sew one. How do you sew a cardigan?!! I wish I could knit one, but I don’t know how to do that… oh well! I will keep my eye out for one.

My Brave looks so darling in it and I think True got a little jealous as she is now asking for mama to make her one. I got something else in mind for my True, now I just have to find the perfect fabric.

My Brave is definitely a rose like no other…
Have wonderful weekend everyone!

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