October 19, 2013

instagramThis week was a crazy week. Full moons. My hormones raging. The girls being kids. Life being life. Everyday I’m learning how to find the right balance. Sometimes, I’m way off and those days turn out wacko and some days I get it just right, and all is mostly well in our household.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m always amazed at True’s tenacity for reading. She goes to at least one full chapter book (sometimes two!) a day!

Read the article on Removing Children from the Internet. It has some good points to think through. Ben and I had a good discussion on it and how it relates to us.

This pumpkin doughnut looks amazing!

Baby sister’s boyfriend, Andrew Ho, had his work featured on the Huffington Post. That is such a big deal!

I’ve been seeing a lot of ways to doctor up pumpkins in the blogosphere, but I think this by far is the prettiest way.

I think someone who wears a size 6 should get these cute fringe boots.

I asked Soul the other day if she wants a nice new mom or to keep this crazy mom. She said, “I want my crazy mom.”

We tried cookie butter for the first time ever!!! That jar is dangerous thing to have in our house.

I’m hoping next week is feeling a little more balanced for us, particularly for me because I’ve just felt really crazy all week! Anyone feeling like that too lately?

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