their own fairy tales

August 29, 2012

making stuffmaking stuffmaking stuffmaking stuffmaking stuffmaking stuffmaking stuffUncommon Goods sent the girls this little finger printing set (this bug one is cool too!). Pink? Yes! Fairy tales? Yes! Make stuff? Yes! It is totally what my girls are all about. They spent an entire afternoon filling pages of their sketchbook with little characters and their finger prints. Of course, I spent a bit of time making my own characters because all the funny little stamps were too cute not to!

This was all done during Soul’s nap time, but as soon as she came down and saw what they were doing, there was a whole lot of fighting. That girl fights with everyone about everything. The nice, quiet, making time ended because Soul hasn’t mastered sharing yet and then it was time to make dinner. If you think we are always calm over here and all messes look happy and pretty?! HA! They aren’t and as sweet as my girls (or me) seem to be, we all can get pretty terrible. It’s just the plain, honest truth folks.

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