January 25, 2015

cloudsThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

This weekend was good. Thankful we got to hang out with my best friend and meet their foster child. The girls were so excited and had so much fun playing with her!

Sunday was spent working as the craft stylist for an upcoming issue of Family Fun Magazine. I always love getting to work with the Heather, Jennifer, and Sabrina.

I want to bake this apple bread.

We want to make a Valentine’s Day tree. Who says Christmas is the only times to put a decorative tree out?!

These lace up espadrilles are so cute for spring!

I think you should put this antique square locket on your Valentine wishlist.

How cute is this grocery shop playhouse?! I think you could recreate one with some cardboard or just get that one if you’re not a DIY-er.

Thankful that Glow went in the potty a couple times! Yay!!! She’s totally not a fan, but we think it’s time to get potty trained.

I love how boxes are the most exciting toys to my kids. This week they made an elevator.

I’ve lightened my load a bit from some of the extra things I’ve been involved in, so I’m hoping for more sanity for me, and the girls to have a more “present” mother. Hope your weekend was a good and you’re ready to tackle another week!

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