for me, for them: pom pom beanie

January 9, 2013

pom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniesI’ve been seeing those beanies with big ‘ole poms on top and thought they would be easy enough to make our own, instead of spend 29 bucks for one like this. It’s cute, but we do just fine with these… thank you very much. Plus, we went to the dollar store and found these colorful ones, so that made us especially happy to make our homemade ones.

Supplies needed:
Cardboard (I use this to make my poms and depending the size you want, use a width between 3″- 5″)
Embroidery floss

1. Make your pom poms. Use a pom pom maker or just use a stiff board (see Katrina shows you how here).
2. If you want a design, embroider it onto your beanie. You could put a stabilizer to help prevent puckering, but we aren’t picky about it and did just fine without it.
3. With a needle and thread, sew your pom pom onto your beanie.

The girls loved it. I loved it. Easy, inexpensive, and now our heads are cozy! At the dollar store, they each picked out their own beanie and True saw the pink and red striped one and said it would be perfect for a strawberry. I think it did come out just right and Bravey turned herself into a little Bravey Bear.

pom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniespom pom beaniesI want to try, key word is try because I am a mom of 4, to do a weekly DIY using the same item to make something for myself and maybe altered a little to make something for them. Hence, the “For Me, For Them” title. This first one is a beanie and I have a few other ideas I want to try and execute, so hopefully I will get to share more with you throughout the year. I’m excited to keep the creating with and for my kids going…

The beanie was a splendid start for this series because it’s been a wonderful California cold lately and we’ve been bundled in scarves and sweaters. Now our heads get to be cozy too. I am totally lovin’ it!

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