June 28, 2014

#sevendaysinsingapore#sevendaysinsingapore#sevendaysinsingaporeOur time here in Singapore is coming to an end soon. We miss the girls and can’t wait to see them, but we will definitely miss this unique country. I think a lot of people (other countries) could learn a thing or two from this place.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m very thankful and so honored for this opportunity to be here in Singapore, meet Singaporeans, and get to work with the Bloesem team! It’s really been such an awesome visit!

Um, s’mores cake?! Yes, please!

I want to make these plant hangers!

My favorite dessert I’ve had this week is ondeh ondeh and I wish I could bring a whole bunch back with me. I may have to try my hand at this recipe.

I’ve been sharing snaps of my trip on instagram here (#sevendaysinsingapore). We’ve been so in awe of everything, and once I get home, I will have massive photo filled posts to share from everything we saw and ate (oh the food!) in Singapore. Get ready…


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