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July 5, 2017

“Freedom is a privilege given to those willing to obey.”

That was something I read as a child, so I don’t remember the author, but it kind of stuck with me. Freedom certainly has a cost. The freedom I treasure the most is not my freedom as a U.S. citizen, but freedom from my own sin. I once was bondaged to my own desires, but now for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. This freedom cost my Savior His life. In return, through repentance and faith, I am covered in His righteousness and can freely enjoy God in and through all. I am free.

This day is a reason to celebrate. This country, with all it’s complexities, is my home (for now). I am thankful. To celebrate, we happily indulged in a Filipino seafood fest and had halo-halo for desert. My parents home is under construction, so our home was the hub for this year’s festivities. There was much eating, chess playing, and napping that occurred all afternoon long.

I’m thankful for the freedom I get to experience in this country, but mostly, I’m thankful that Jesus freed me from my own sin.

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