wedding wednesday

June 17, 2009

The hardest part of wedding planning for us was picking a photographer. I think we saw about 20 different people before we finally settled on one. We drove from Santa Barbara to San Diego to meet with various photographers, but it took awhile until we found “the one” and one within our budget. Now, I am thinking it is much easier these days cause there are tons more photographers because with digital technology is just much easier. Now, I know about 10 different photographers! Heck, even I have an SLR, though I hardly consider myself a photographer.

Well, when we did finally settle on one it was David Jay. He was just so downright nice and we loved his eye. He used a lot of negative space and really loved color. His photographs were minimally altered and so it was all pretty natural. He was just good. This was one of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot, which was done two weeks before our wedding. That was how late we found a photographer.
David Jay is just so talented. Afterwards, my sister and I would call angles and good pictures “the David Jay.” Well, now I am not sure if he is still doing wedding photography as his photographer stardom skyrocketed even higher soon after our wedding (not cause of us). He does conferences and created ShowitfastΒ and other things that make it easier for professional photographers. He is a genius and just an overall talented guy!
*photos taken by David Jay

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