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June 22, 2009

the climber

Popping in to say hello. I disappeared last week because Father’s Day was fast approaching and I must admit this pregnancy has left me sitting around with no clue what to do for Ben. I mean it just isn’t possible to top what he did, so I wasn’t even gonna try. It did finally hit me and I set out to do what I planned originally, but was afraid to try. It was fun and definitely a challenge. I will share that with you when I have a bit more time as I still have to sort through the pictures, which are on Ben’s computer. All in all, the weekend was grand and Father’s Day was wonderfully spent with some good family time.

random thing 1: I have it announced on the shop, but the shop will be closed from July 1st-17th. 
random thing 2: I have my appointment for my ultrasound to find out if the babycakies is a boy or girl.
random thing 3: Energy is coming back, but nauseousness is still kinda here.
random thing 4: I need to get my sewing machine checked, but in the meantime, I am using my sister’s.
random thing 5: True is such a ham. She is getting funnier and funnier everyday.

random thing 6: I love June gloom. I love grey and non-sunny weather.
random thing 7: My love for Twilight has been re-ignited. Thanks to one of my friends finally picking up the book.
random thing 8: My necklace tutorial was featured on Small Magazine’s blog
Have a good Monday everyone!!! I am off to do some work…

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