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January 8, 2013

dessert alwaysdessert alwaysdessert alwaysFor our Christmas with my family, I made this Mexican Chocolate Cake that I found on pinterest. It sounded interesting, but the cayenne pepper had me nervous. Let me just say that we all loved it so much, this included Ben, who really could care less about desserts. You can’t really taste the cayenne pepper, but whatever it did to the mixture, it sure came out yummy. The mascarpone frosting was also excellent. My oven tends to cook things faster, so while the directions said 45 minutes, I did 30, but next time I think I might only do 20 or 25 minutes.

I want to try to make this again into cupcakes or maybe even into cupcakes in ย jar. I think it might be my favorite chocolate cake recipe yet!
dessert alwaysdessert alwaysBesides the chocolate cake, the girls and I made these Mexican Wedding Cookies, which were another thing I pinned. I omitted the food coloring because Brave is allergic to artificial colorings and one batch was done with walnuts and another using chocolate chips because True is allergic to nuts. To distinguish the chocolate chip ones, we added cinnamon to the powdered sugar, so that True would know which ones she could eat. It’s all butter and a whole lot of sugar, so obviously it tasted good.

I’m totally a sweets person. I have to exercise a lot of self control when I’m around any sugary goodness. Most times, I do good at moderation (like here), but there are sometimes I totally cave and indulge. I can’t help it, sugar can be addicting!

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