christmas remnants

January 7, 2013

christmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantschristmas remnantsToday’s motto is “back to life, back to reality” and with that, we bid farewell to most of our Christmas decorations. We still have the tree up because we never got a family picture in front of it, so the goal is to take one tonight and the golden stars are still hanging above our dining table, but we may leave that up a bit longer. The girls did have a request to keep their little tree in their room and I agreed just for a couple more weeks.

Things are (mostly) back in place and again and the house feels slightly fresh (just don’t go upstairs because the mess in horrendous!). The morning was spent cleaning and putting things away and it feels good. I can’t really think clearly in a messy space (in the common areas), so I feel much better. If you went to our bedroom though, oh man, that’s a whole other story. That is where I let my messes run wild! They cannot be tamed. It’s pretty embarrassing. Well, despite the messes in the bedrooms, things are generally clean, but please if you come over, just don’t look too closely!

I know my parents tend to leave their tree all the way up into February, so if we get the longing for a little bit of Christmas, maybe we’ll head over there! Goodbye Christmas, see you next year!

6 comments on “christmas remnants”

  • Lisa says:

    Christmas seems to come so fast and its over just as fast 🙁

  • Anastasia says:

    I have rooms that have to be clean and rooms that are always a mess too!

  • leah says:

    i hear ya on needing the common spaces tidy! i feel like i always need the living areas clean before i can even start living, i just have a mental block about being productive if my living room and kitchen aren’t clean! however, i love decorating for the holidays, so when christmas is over it is always a little bitter-sweet.

  • I always feel so sad to pack the Christmas decorations up as it is such a time of joy but then it is also wonderful to create that fresh house. I try and put candles around the place after the decorations are gone and let them burn gently at nights and it is magical too.

  • Frédérique says:

    Definitely keep the stars, they are SO pretty! I had already noticed them in the video you posted recently. What are they made of?

    • mycakies says:

      we made them with oven baked clay and them glitterfied them with glitter glue and fine gold glitter! we had glitter all over our house for a few weeks!

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