easier days of late

August 20, 2014

made by soulsoul's artsoul's artsoul's artsoul's artThe two big girls have been at a sleepover for a couple days, so Soul’s been enjoying some quiet time to paint and play in peace. Maybe it’s me who gets the peace because when there’s only two at home, there is for sure much less fighting.

The dynamic is so different any time one or two (or three) of them aren’t here, and Glow talks a lot more when her big sisters aren’t here doing the talking for her. There’s less cleaning and mess (and half the meals) when only half of them are home. When the baby goes for nap, I try to get as much done as possible from cleaning to emails, to getting curriculum ready for the new school year. Somehow though, I still never get as much done as I hoped to get done when they’re not here.

I’m glad the girls get to have fun, but we sure do miss them when they’re gone. While managing two at home is much easier than four, I like my four, chaos and all. Even if sometimes I feel like the chaos drives me nutso and I’m a crazy yellin’ mommy, I’ll take it.


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