March 18, 2010

Hello world!
My mom is currently working on some of your orders and shop things while my two older sisters are napping. I got bored laying here as that is all I do all the time, so I decided to hack into my mom’s blog and say hello. Also, mom keeps going on and on about how she forgot to announce the giveaway winner this morning, so I decided to do it for her here. Mom also tells me that Shey B is so kind to give you readers 10% off any order place between now and midnight PST this Saturday, so you better hurry up and put “cakies” in at checkout! Also, mom keeps telling me that she wishes I had a twin. I think she can’t get enough of me that she wants two of me! Uh oh… I think I hear my mom coming, so I better wrap this post up as it is time for me to eat. Be back soon folks!

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