focus: a whole lot of love

February 14, 2014

little makerslittle makerslittle makerslittle makersThese girls have a whole lot of love for each other (and for Ben and me). If there’s some celebration type day coming, like Valentine’s, these girls are busy bodies making stuff to gift each other. This whole week, any free time they got, they were wanting to make something for Valentine’s gifts. I don’t give them any direction and they just get paper, stickers, tape, scissors, boxes, pretty much whatever they can get their hands on, and they just start making. It’s such a joy to see, and Ben and I are amazed at the things they come up with every time. I mean, look at that thing holder (not sure who that is for just yet), but it’s got slots (that you can’t see at this angle) to hold things. True was totally making that herself! I can’t wait to see what other clever things these girls come up to give to each other.

Really though, I’m thankful these girls have a lot of love. Jesus was spot on when he said we needed to be like the little children. These little ones abound in love, forgiveness, and honesty. I’m also thankful that my children will tell me in the most loving and honest way when I’m doing something wrong (even when I don’t want to admit it and listen). I hope that never changes. I hope they always feel comfortable enough to tell me, and I don’t get so set in my prideful ways that I wouldn’t heed to the warnings of my children when I am in fact doing something wrong. I think it can be hard for parents to admit to their children when they’re wrong, admit their children are right, and then actually take it further to ask for forgiveness and say, “I’m sorry, do you forgive me?”

I think of a specific moment this week when True came up to me and said, “Mommy, you weren’t doing right earlier.” She was right, I wasn’t. I asked her forgiveness, prayed with her, and then thanked her for telling me. It’s such a humbling thing to have your children correct you. We can’t just make excuses for our bad choices and behavior to our children, we have to admit where we fail, talk about what should have been done, so they can understand. Children really understand so much more than we really realize, and our actions and inactions are so clear to them. Thus, on this highly commercialized day of love and chocolates, I am thankful for the big hearts my children have and the work Jesus did for me on the cross. Of course, I’m totally thankful for Ben too, obviously, he is my ultimate Valentine.

Happy Love Day friends!

7 comments on “focus: a whole lot of love”

  • ira lee says:

    a thing holder!!! that is the cutest little thing ever!!! and i agree, its pretty humbling when our kids correct us. and its also an important lesson for us to ask for forgiveness. just because we are grown doesnt mean we dont’ make mistakes!

  • nikki says:

    so precious <3 you have an incredible family!!


  • Andria says:

    Such a sweet post!

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