August 6, 2012

swanWow. Sunday evening and the weekend is pretty much over and Brave is officially five. We had a grand time celebrating her birthday yesterday. If you follow @3ringcircus, @mishalulu, or me (@rubyellenbratcher) on instagram, you might have seen little peeks. It was a Swan Lake party complete with a real dancer, lots of little ballerinas, and a performance. Plus, loads of sugar because every birthday party needs lots of sugar, even if it is at the Bratcher house. “Sometimes foods” still happen over here, but there is a reason we call it “sometimes foods”. The result is one really happy Bravey.

Lots of pictures were taken and I can’t wait to share them with you. My friend Kim (and the love her life Andre), who is amazing behind the camera, snapped pictures for us. It is always so nice to have someone else taking pictures to help record the moment because that leaves us free to just enjoy it. Once, I get them from her, you bet I will share them here! BTW- Kim, who also happens to be the new photographer for designlovefest, is heading to Florida next week (8/8-8/10), so if any of you Floridians need to get some pictures taken, you better contact Kim asap at [email protected]. Be sure to see her site and blog. I am sure you’ll love it!

This week’s learned and links…

Did you see my Paint-by-Numbers Pillow on A Beautiful Mess?

This new to me shop has amazing beaded necklaces. I love them!

Love this going green post. I love having plants in my home.

I’m coming out of bridesmaid retirement because my best (guy) friend is getting married to this gal and I am honored to stand up next to them on their wedding day.

True is so sweet and creative. She went all out making things for Brave’s birthday. Her makings deserve a whole post of its own.

Starting my day off in prayer and in the Word is infinitely good for my soul.

The Mixie giveaway winner was announced on twitter.

I’ve got lots of vintage (home & some kid clothes) goodies to sell and am joining in will be selling some goods at this event with Oh, Hello Friend, 3 Ring Circus, and Misha Lulu. Come and stop by! I would love to meet you! RSVP and get details here.

Thank you for your reassuring words on my roller coaster post. It’s nice to feel normal about being abnormal isn’t it?!

We’re still recuperating from yesterday’s party while the three big girls are off at the Happiest Place in Southern California with the grandparents to continue the birthday celebrations for Brave. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can get all the laundry put away before they get home. What was your weekend filled with?

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