she loves her fruits and veggies

August 6, 2012

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she loves her fruits and veggiesshe loves her fruits and veggiesshe loves her fruits and veggiesshe loves her fruits and veggiesIt’s that time of year again, and last week I registered True and Brave back to school. They are homeschooled, but they go to a local charter school one day a week to take enrichment classes. Last year, it was just True, and this time Brave is officially in Kindergarten and gets to go too. They are both jazzed about going to school together.

One thing that gets me excited is knowing they will be together. True loved going to school one day a week, but since she is an introvert, it was sometimes difficult for her. Sometimes she would have stories about walking around the playground by herself because she was too shy to play with the other kids and because she didn’t want to play with boys like the other girls did. This time she will have Brave around, so I know she is so excited about that. Brave really helps True feel much more comfortable.

It’s funny too because when I registered Brave, I know the teacher took a double take on her name and had to ask me what I wrote down. Yes, they are really Brave and True, which no doubt will be a little topic in the first few days to have two sisters with that name combination. Just wait until the two babies join the school, the names get even wilder (we all love them nonetheless)!

With two of them going to school together, that means double the work in getting dressed and getting their lunches ready. True would always have little requests to pack her this or that for lunch. She would also come home with stories about how the other kids were asking her about the different fruits and vegetables she would bring and they would say they had never seen those before. She thinks it’s so funny that the other kids have never eaten a raw bell pepper. Most often, she said the kids were yucking and groaning about her choice of foods, but at the same time being curious about it. She told us that she would educate them on what that particular fruit or veggie was called and would matter-of-factly tell them it was good for them. That’s our girl! We always made sure to pack her at least one fruit or vegetable.

This time around, we get to send off two of our little girls with lunches packed with fruits and veggies and they get the chance to educate the other kids at lunchtime together. It will be so cute and I can’t wait to hear the stories of what the other kids say. This time they will have two fruit and vegetable loving Bratcher girls to deal with!

Do you find it easy or hard to get your kids (or yourself) to eat fruits and vegetables?

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  • Mariana says:

    My little guy loves vegetables. He doesn’t love all fruits, but he eats lots of fruits. And that makes me one happy mom. 🙂

  • incredibly difficult. Our son has pdd-nos (on the autism spectrum) which makes him a very picky eater. He won’t even eat strawberries and bananas. Please share your secrets! 🙂

  • mjb says:

    my boy eats everything, but that’s normal at 18 moths, i’ve been told?? hopefully it will stay this way!

  • lin says:

    I just got teary eyed… Brave is already going to Kindergarten?! True’s in first grade?! ahh!

  • Tracy says:

    I got your website from JenLovesKev, and I love your website!!!

    Thank you for the posts that are honest (roller coaster one) and inspiring, as well as the fun DIY. And your daughter is so much my son, he loves his veggie, will eat raw corn and green beans straight from our garden 🙂 And I know how you feel, so good to know that they’re eating right and by the way, I’d love to read more about homeschooling schedules and activities. I’m not homeschooling my son right now, but I like to keep an open alternative, because so far our experience at the public school isn’t necessarily best…curriculum wise mostly.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing and for writing your blog.

    • mycakies says:

      thank you very much tracy! it feels so good to teach our children how to love making good food choices, doesn’t it? i know i cover some homeschooling info in my FAQ section, so you might want to take a look. if you have any other specific questions, just send me an email.

  • Jen says:

    that’s so cute about True! our kiddos love to eat healthy too, I think because I love fruits & veggies they do too! My oldest (age 6) is getting a bit picky though, hopefully it’s just a phase… i find letting them be active in picking out the food and making it helps!

  • Erin says:

    I hardly talked to anybody at school until grade 4! I had my sister and neighbourhood kids at home and that was enough for me I guess…
    My kids have both been fantastic eaters- at times- and super picky at other times, but we have these “Rules of Dinner” from Inchmark on a bulletin board in the dining room- Rule number 6: try a bit of everything- has been a huge help.

  • oH my god, your girls can´t be more beautiful, is just impossible

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