if you pray, please pray

November 16, 2008

Not sure if you know, but there are a lot of southern California fires going on right now. There has been so much devastation already. There is one in the city we live, but thankfully it is much too far to get near us. On the other hand, my aunt’s family house is right near the fire’s path and they are currently moving as much as they can (and have been through out the night) out to my parent’s house and ours. Please pray that no one would get hurt and that the fire would change direction and no longer affect their house or anyone else’s for that matter. We are all on edge here and nervous, especially because this is hitting so close to home, but I do believe in prayer and that God is still in control. 

We do know that another family friend’s house is in danger as some houses have already been eaten up by the fires on their street. So, please lift up a prayer for my family and all others who have been and may be affected by the fire.
Thank you. 

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