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November 17, 2008

Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday, things changed dramatically as the winds died down to allow the firefighters some breathing room to fight these raging wild fires. The winds were no longer shifting the fires toward homes and I am glad to report that my aunt’s family and house is alright (thank you, thank you). The fire is still very close, but it is getting under control. Though, there are still many out there who lost their homes and struggling with the aftermath of these wildfires, that so much prayer is still necessary. Last I checked, the nearby fires were 17% contained and the further ones were about 40% contained and hopefully as the days pass, things will just continue to get better. This blogosphere community is just so wonderful, in that many of us have never met (in person), yet we have sincere concern for one another… thank you.

Well, before the fires got out of hand, we did manage to sneak in a fun-filled Saturday at the Misha Lulu trunk show. I tell you Lola Baby was hopping with eager shoppers excited to score such great deals on these one of kind digs (I came out with a nice little stash).

Upon entering the store, I saw the inspiration for Misha Lulu. She is so delightful and cute, just like her mama…

A couple racks were filled with the designer clothing…

And I cannot forget to mention the bargain bins…

There was a point in the afternoon, that I didn’t even want to go near the corner cause there were so many women clamoring at the opportunity to get these funky clothes…

Of course, there has to be some yummy snacks…

And little ones devouring them as well…

The little ones were just as easily as enjoying themselves as the adults…

The highlight of the event, besides the clothes, was meeting the Misha Lulu creator! I met her just as I arrived and instantly recognized her. We said hellos and Karen and her equally delightful husband went off for lunch.

I walked into the store and saw Suzy, and immediately we were just oo-ing and ah-ing over how exceptionally lovely and funky Karen is and how ordinary we felt next to her. Karen is so sweet and free spirited that it is easy for one to see that she is one exceedingly creative mama…
I just have to say she had the best outfit and boots. She looks like she belongs on the Sartorialist.

So I highly recommend paying a visit to the Misha Lulu website and blog, as well as shopping at Lola Baby, shopping handmade or indpendent designers are really the only way to go!

We definitely had a good and busy Saturday (can’t forget to mention that afterwards we went to one of the top tutu designer’s baby shower). It was such a busy day and Sunday got even crazier, but thank God that all is now well (but keep your thoughts and prayers for all those affected by these crazy fires).

Oh and I almost forgot to mention how nice it was to meet a couple of you! It really is nice to meet another reader/fellow blogger in person. That just made my day too!!!

Have a good day friends.

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  • sharyl says:

    Praise God all is still well with you and your aunt’s family. I just can’t imagine what losing a house would be like and I really pray none of us would ever have to find out.

    By the way, I ordered a couple of your hair clips a while back and gave them to my husband’s niece. She was wearing them to church yesterday and her mom said they’re really great coz they’re the only ones that stay in her hair. Now I’m praying even harder for a baby girl so she can rock ’em cakies too!

  • Jenny says:

    It was fun to meet you! The trunk show was fun and I wish I could have stayed longer.

    We’re praying for the families that have been effected by the fires, and hope all continues to be well with yours.

  • nathalie says:

    glad to know things are better!! what crazyness. i hope people will find comfort. the store looks like tons of fun. and the cuteness of the kids. too fun!!!!

  • Oh no, I hate to say that sometimes I just don’t watch the news and I didn’t know!! I’m glad your aunt’s house is okay. So scary! I will pray for others though… I’m sure there are people who need prayer right now. Your Saturday did look like fun! And Rubyellen… you are the farthest thing from normal (boring)!!!! You always look cute and your head is FULL of wonderful ideas!! I probably would think the same thing about myself if I met you! I was just thinking that I’d love to make all of my own clothing so that I loved everything i had and it was truly me! Wouldn’t that be great?

  • Suzy says:

    You are in my prayers always and I’m glad all is well with your aunt and her home….. You are amazing! I love all the pictures you took at the event. I am so blessed to have you in my life 🙂 Bella had so much fun with True and Brave, she loves all the pictures, especially the one where she’s eating (ha ha!). Her Lela is ADORABLE!!!! I will need some for the shop. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Can’t wait to see you…

  • Rubyellen says:

    sharyl- congrats!!! i hope it is a girl too, but whatever God wants, right? and I just heard there will be a trunk show at the rattle n roll store, which I think is near you. It will be in december, so hopefully you can make it!

    jenny- it was so nice to meet you! I wish I said goodbye when you left, but it was so chaotic and i think i was changing true’s diaper. maybe next time, there will be another show! thank you for coming!!!

    bethany- oh i don’t tv either, so i would probably be just like you, except that it is happening so close by so it is hard to ignore. on the other hand, you wouldn’t feel that way if you met me, i am so normal! you made a skirt for yourself and that was a start. ben and i are getting away this weekend and i want to sew myself something, but who knows if i will have time!

    suzy- no, you are the best! thank you for giving me such fun and great opportunities!!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Glad to hear your family is okay.

  • sharyl says:

    oh no no!! i didn’t mean to imply that there’s one on the way. sorry!

  • misha lulu says:

    Thank you Ruby! I love your wonderful work, I am glad Isabela will have some of your items for Christmas.
    thank you for the great blog you wrot about the event!
    It was amazing to meet you in person!

  • melissa says:

    I love all your photos. Thanks for giving us a peek into such a pretty creative world!

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