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November 19, 2008

We love
Each piece is so inspiring and I love the textures and the variety of materials that are used, especially since most of them are vintage.

Jen Gotch is so creative (along with her friend Jamie) and I would love to own one of their creations. I am not a headband person, but I think I could definitely do one of the clips. I was so loving her creations and thought, why can’t True wear one (after all, my vintage millinery flowers were just sitting there), so for fun, off we went to make one for her little head…Now, the headbands are much better creations than mine, but I think True looks cuter than the models, but I may just be biased.

Oh and their will be a once in awhile shop update of mushrooms (only 5) either tomorrow or Thursday, depends when I can find the time!

***top image via shop

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