macrame bags

July 27, 2016

vintage straw macrame bag

vintage sisal macrame bag

vintage macrame market bag

vintage macrame with wooden dowels

macrame market bag

My favorite types of bags are vintage carpet/tapestry bags and basket type bags. I’d put these macrame bags in the basket bag category and I love each and every one of the bags above. I’m not a designer bag type of gal (though that last one is made by a talented artist, so it is made with love, and a definite splurge), but I’d much rather have something vintage. Every time I go thrifting, I always check the bag section hoping to come across some vintage macrame bag. One time I did find one, but figured I didn’t “need” it (it was $8 and I thought a little pricey for the thrift store), so I passed on it. I regret not scooping that one up. Oh well, I’ll be patient and hope I come across another cool one someday. If you’re looking for a macrame bag (and aren’t a thrifter), I’d say pick up one of the ones above so they stop tempting me in my Etsy favorites.

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