April 6, 2013

baby and chardWe’ve got giant chard growing in our yard. Soon though, all the winter stuff is going to be uprooted and tomatoes will be going in. I love having tomatoes in our garden, so I’m pretty excited!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow loves copying her sisters!

Soul is the best at saying, “Thank you.”

We were at the Fall/Winter ’13Β Misha Lulu shoot yesterday and I loved all the new designs. I typically always do, but Karen just gets better every season and all her fabrics could easily be turned into wallpaper, pillows, and curtains. That lady needs to branch out with those things!

I love this color scheme. I’m thinking of it for our backyard cozy space.

Cute sandalsΒ for a 6.5!

I miss this friend who moved up north, but am thankful for blogs (and emails and texts) that still keep us connected.

The BFF is selling these Doc Martens, if interested, send her an email or me an email to get in touch with her. The very first paycheck I ever got I splurged and bought myself some maryjane docs. I loved those forever!

Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement back from my last post. I was nervous to write it because it was just kind of nasty behavior, but God is graciousness and forgiving and I want this space to accurately portray who I am as much as I’m able. Never look here and think it’s all rainbows and sunshine because it honestly can be dark and gloomy for me too.

Happy weekend friends! Ben’s working on projects outside and I’m working on some inside. Plus, our downstairs bathroom flooded while I was gone yesterday afternoon (thankfully Ben came home early), and it did warp some of the wood floors near it. Ugh. Thus, we’ve got that to deal with today too. Please tell me I’m not the only this has happened too and they’re just wood floors, right?!

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