October 1, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Super thankful to Michaels for sending me on a little craftcation to the Pinners Conference.

Grateful for Ben and my parents who took care of things while I skipped town a bit.

I enjoy watching how the girls’ style evolves (like Soulie in the picture above). They’re homeschooled, so they don’t know the trends that are popular with kids, and they kind of do their own thing. I love it!

Thankful for some spontaneity left in me. Most of it disappeared when I had kids, but last night showed it was still there. I’m still a planner at heart though.

Sweet vintage dress on sale from Ms. Tips.

Fair Season Vintage always stocked with the coolest things like this vintage field jacket.

So excited for my best friend and her husband. It’s something I’ve been praying about for years.

Times to get ready for Halloween. We have most things needed for their costumes, but now I have to start tweaking them. Can you believe it’s October?!

I’m looking for good organic masa, anyone try this one?

Excited to get home and try some of the new things I learned at the conference. I think the girls will really enjoy learning about brush lettering. I can’t wait to teach them!

Happy Sunday!


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