growing girls and lots of sewing

November 14, 2008

Things have been insane at our house lately, good, but crazy! The girls can make such messes in a matter of 30 seconds. They are a bit like the Tasmanian Devil, they whirl through and everything is everywhere! So I am always cleaning, but the girls are having fun and really starting to interact together. I love it!

Now, I think this is my fifth bag like this (I promise to have once in awhile bag update in 2 weeks) and someone requested an orange and green combo, so it was perfect cause I happened to have this vintage tablecloth, well now turned bag…

And with all the crazy sewing that has been going on, I have broken 4 needles this week. Good thing I have been wearing my glasses lately, cause they have become my eye protectors. You never know when one decides to break and tries to gouge me in the eye! Yes, protection is necessary…
I also keep forgetting to mention that if you are Twilight fan and I am kinda crazy for them (I read the whole series in a weeks time and have already reread 3 of the four books and not to mention I am now reading Wuthering Heights), there is a Twilight blog party over at Bethany’s and Nathalie’s this coming week to commemorate the movie (yay!). I so wish Nat, Beth and I lived close to each other, it would have been fun to go watch it together as they are the ones who introduced me, but this party will have to do. Check Bethany’s blog for details. It’s going to be fun!

Oh and tomorrow is the Misha Lulu trunk show, so come if you are able and get some Christmas shopping done. It will be from 2-6 at 100 N. Glendora in the city of Glendora and there will plenty of goodies there! See flier here.
I just reread my writing and I am jump from subject to subject. Well, that seems to be my mind right now… lots to do, but so little time. I think this is going to be the theme for the next few months. 
Now, off to work before the both babyCakies wake up! I have to make 1) a bag 2) nursing cover 3) 30 something hair clips to finish, so it is back to lots of sewing (and hopefully no more broken needles).
See you on Monday!

16 comments on “growing girls and lots of sewing”

  • I love that bag! I want one!

  • rally nice bag!

    i used to bread a ton of needles before i had my machine “tuned”… could it be you are out of alignment? or that you are simply sewing over pins 😉

  • melindakimbo says:

    I WANNA BORROW THE BOOKS! Did you know I started a book club?! We’re reading The Shack right now and I want to read twilight next!

  • I absolutely HATE broken needles; so I really hope you don’t experience anymore!

  • Rebecca says:

    Okay, so I’ve had the Twilight books (the first two) for awhile now and haven’t read them yet. I’m traveling the week of Thanksgiving and plan on reading them on the plane…

  • Becky says:

    suck lovely bags you make Ruby!

  • geez ruby… i wonder how many people read this!!!!!!! ijust read all the comments from the free people interview and dude.. you are crazy! CRAZY COOL muahahahahah love you bye

  • Rubyellen says:

    rebecca- oh might as well buy the last two cause you will be hooked instantaneously! seriously… i love it! it is teen angst, but so addicting and so cute!!!

    abigail- oh… maybe i need to get it tuned! thank you!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Another lovely bag! You use such wonderful vintage linens!

  • Kellie H says:

    another awesome bag!!!! I have yet to read the books…after hearing all of you rave about the series I am waiting for time to get into them {all} =). I don't think I'll make it by the time for Nat & Bethany's party. somehow over the winter holiday vacation I hope to

  • oh hey i need help on a project

    project andy christmas present!
    ill tell you my idea when i see you but i need your artist consulting and sewing mastery help

  • sharyl says:

    i was just watching the news and i dont know if you live anywhere near the wildfires. take care out there, i hope you guys are safe.

  • super cute! what a talent!!! xo

  • Rubyellen says:

    sharyl- thank you so much! actually we are very close to a couple but it is far enough where it would have to jump the freeway and go through most of the city to get to us. it is dangerous though, so please keep us in prayer. also in particular, my aunt because the fire is very close to her house and they are starting to pack and get things together for evacuation. it is so scary, but thank you for your concern. i hope you are alright as well!

  • sharyl says:

    good to hear you guys aren’t affected. but will keep you and your aunt in our prayers. we’re here by whittier/la mirada area, so far nothing going on here. just smoke and ashes everywhere.

  • Oh dear – four broken needles!! I’ve been breaking needles too…I’m smart enough to change to the fine embroidery needles when I’m using thin rayon thread, but not smart enough to change back when I switch to sewing tote bags through 4 layers of cotton!!

    Do you think those without glasses should wear goggles when sewing?? They should probably, but that would make me laugh to see it!

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