September 6, 2011

out to school: week two
One fun thing I remember about school was getting dressed up! I am glad True gets to experience that once a week cause most other days we do school in pajamas all day long. Last night, we worked together to plan today’s outfit. I think this will become a fun weekly ritual.
Last night, I thought I might go into labor, so we just picked something that didn’t need ironing and was quick and casual. We don’t like to be too matchy matchy, so we picked a vintage shirt that didn’t necessarily go with the skirt, but works just as well. Colors on top don’t necessarily have to go with the bottoms. It keeps things funky that way.
For her hair, we like to keep it out of her face at school, so she was explicit in wanting one braid at the back and we made a little turban headband to keep her bangs out of her face (they are in the in-between stage). And if you want to know how your turban can do double duty when you forget your hair tie? See this lovely lady’s trick.
out to school: week two
{where from again? shirt: vintage; skirt: misha lulu; salt-waters: c/o tea collection}

True was line leader at school today and it was so cute to watch her walk away to her classroom. I still can’t get over the fact that she is in kindergarten now!

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