September 7, 2011

Sometimes it is good not to make things from scratch, provided the box mixed doesn’t contain any hydrogenation, which is just so bad for you. We were itching for blueberry muffins and we had a easy peasy box mixed and baked them right up.
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True was at school and Bravey and Soul were having a hoot together. They actually don’t play together much because it is True and Brave together and Soul is my little sidekick. I think with True gone one day a week, it will give Soulie and Bravey plenty of sister bonding time. They are real sweet together, just like these boxed blueberry muffins.
And since these were just boxed muffins, we gave them a bit more visual appeal by cutting out parchment paper squares and baking them in those in the muffin pan. I think they look cute that way! Oh and we sprinkled brown sugar on top! Can’t go wrong with extra brown sugar.
I want to try baking these next. What are you in the mood to whip up? I am in the mood to whip out this baby!

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