September 8, 2011

Today, I had a nice little brunch with Danni and Lillian sans the girls (Ben was the lucky guy who did homeschooling with them today). When I came home, Brave immediately introduced me to her new pet Strawberry. She had gathered this tiny sprig of flowers from the garden yesterday, requested a teeny vase, and now she had put a pet on top of it. It was quite a heart melting little sentiment despite the fact that bugs kinda creep me out.
her new pet strawberryher new pet strawberryher new pet strawberry
Brave carries this teeny vase around keeping her flowers and Strawberry near, but she won’t ever touch Strawberry herself and Ben has to do it all the touching. Strawberry did get moved from her sight a bit during lunch because Strawberry started moving, which freaked out Soul causing her to go ballistic, so we had to move Strawberry away. It seems that Strawberry just likes to chill out on top a sprig of chives, which is the herb these flowers came from.
Nice to meet you Strawberry…

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