September 8, 2011

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These pictures were taken over a month ago and though my tummy looks like it couldn’t really stretch much more, it has. It was a blazing and super bright summer day and we were just driving around our area looking for a nice picture spot when we came across this random cliff. It has a really pretty view and made us feel a bit like we were in Texas. We actually came back to this spot last weekend to snap up some family maternity photos.
Things here in SoCal are still as hot as ever and while the rest of the country is starting to bust out cardigans and tights, not us, at least not yet. Usually, that doesn’t take place until end of October, but I won’t complain much because I know temperatures stay pretty moderate the rest of the year, while lots of folks have to deal with extreme weather changes.
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I love my little girlies so much, though there are days I feel so nutso with them (and I go nutso too!). Ben was telling me the other day how he forgets they are a mix of both of us. I mean, we know that, but we kinda forget. Children are really such miracles and the process of a person being made is such a miracle. How it starts with a little tadpole and an egg dancing together and then BAM! is all beyond me. God is pretty amazing in planning all of this, isn’t he?!!
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I can’t wait to see how these three will interact with the new baby. Brave is definitely the one who is most drawn to babies, True is the typical older sister, and Soul… she will be another story. I am kinda nervous for her!
In everyone’s attempts to guess if we are having a boy or girl, they would ask me if I have bought any boy things and my answer is yes! Actually, ever since I had True, I have been buying cute vintage boy things here and there just in case there was ever a need, so we will find out if there is a need soon enough. Both our families (and closest friends) are dying with excitement to know what’s cookin’ inside because we haven’t told them either. My parents even tried bribing me with money to tell them, but that didn’t even work! But we can’t wait to unleash this secret soon enough.
vh, vt
on me: tank, target. jacket thingy, f21. skirt, vintage. shoes, vintage. bag, vintage via baptuma.
on true: shirt, vintage via bluebird lucy’s. shorts, vintage. shoes, salt-waters c/o tea.
on brave: dress, vintage via black beetle fly. shoes, salt-waters.
on soul: dress, gifted from grandparents. sandals, vintage via the young team.
Despite the heat here and the fact I pretty much won’t be leaving the house once baby comes, I am still dream-plotting my Fall/Winter closet. Dream is the key word. Shopping (even online window shopping) is so my downfall. Sometimes, I just shouldn’t even look because looking may get me in trouble. I love clothes too much and sometimes I really wish I didn’t.
Don’t forget to head over to Rachel’s and check out what vintage they are giving some lovin’ to. I am always loving the outfits she puts together for herself and her kiddos. They are one stylish bunch! I wish we were neighbors so we could do some swapping from time to time. Wouldn’t that be fun, Rachel?!!


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