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January 24, 2011

vintage here, vintage there

This week’s vintage lovin’ mama is owner of the wonderful shop Salvage Life. Her booming shop has really taken off since one of her finds was worn by Taylor Swift. Ain’t that an honor? So please say hello to Beth and learn about her love for vintage…

vintage here, vintage there

Hi, I’m Beth Giles and I scour the land of Southern California for the best vintage that is relevant to modern trends. My daughter Ruby, is my little assistant, she carries my purse, “oooh’s” and “ahh’s” at dresses and keeps me company on the road. When we find pretty things, we put them in our online shop, Salvage Life. You can read more about Salvage Life and our adventures on our blog. Thank you for having us, we are so happy to share about what we do.

Q: When did you start wearing vintage and why?

A: I think the first piece of vintage I wore was a flannel from my grandpa in junior high. That’s pretty funny considering the feminine style I’m into now. In high school, 70’s style came into fashion and while everyone was buying new bellbottoms, I found used ones at a vintage store along with a polyester shirt that had butterflies on it; it was my favorite shirt that year. I had always loved thrifting with my mom, but that’s when I started realizing that I could wear vintage that was relevant to the trends.

vintage here, vintage there

Q: What do you look for in a piece when you’re shopping?

A: First off, quality construction is a must, the item needs to be able to last another 50 years in case I decide it’s my favorite and wear it every day! Secondly, it has to be in line with what people are wearing, but different enough. I never want to look like I am wearing a costume. My lastest vintage obsessions are full-skirted dresses, worn leather bags and capes.

vintage here, vintage there
Q: Favorite vintage find to date?

A: A watch inherited from my great grandmother, I wear it on a necklace almost every day! It inspired the watch necklaces I sell in my shop.

vintage here, vintage there

Q: What is the one piece that got away or may have broken the bank?


Oh, so many! When you shop vintage for a living, you have to let a lot of things go because the price or size isn’t right. Luckily, nothing particular comes to mind, so I guess I made the right choices.

vintage here, vintage there

vintage here, vintage there

Q: How do you style your daughter(s)?

A: Well, the days of picking out her outfits are coming to an end as her preferences increase. I try to give her appropriate choices though, so she feels like she made the decision, but doesn’t end up wearing jeans to a wedding. I like when she wears vintage dresses with mary janes and I love that she likes hats, lately she’s been wanting to wear one every time she leaves the house. She looks so cute when she layers random things too, people always comment on how “I” dress her, it’s hard not to take credit.
vintage here, vintage there
on Beth: 40’s dress, rob’s vintique. tights: free people. 40’s shoes, elsewhere vintage. necklace, salvage life.
on Ruby: 40’s silk dress, american vintage. tights, Beth’s when she was little. patent mary janes: gap via ebay. barrette, vintage via ebay.

Thank you so much Beth! I am in love with your whole ensemble (can I borrow your shoes?) and your little Ruby’s (love the name!) ensemble too! If you still haven’t checked out the Salvage Life shop (and blog), you definitely should! This lovely gal is here in southern California, so it gives me hope that one day I will find goodies just like her! Though, if those pretty goodies fit me, I may have a hard time putting it up in my shop!!!
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Stay tuned because tonight because Rachel and I will be sharing our own “vintage here, vintage there” featuring “what’s in our (vintage) bag” and next week we will be sharing another vintage lovin’ mama! If there is another vintage wearin’ and lovin’ mama you know of and would like to see featured, leave us a link to the lovely lady and we will see is she would like to strut her stuff for all of you!

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