so good

November 5, 2009

The birthday was sooo good. Oh. So. Good. I love to be spoiled with love by my family.
my birthday card from my 3 artists
The day was spent thrifting.
vintage stashvintage tableclothbaby quiltvintage baby quilt
I found lovely vintage tablecloths, hopefully to turn into some bags and a couple of lovely vintage, baby quilts. They look so loved and worn and will continue to be so with the newest babycakies.
I was walking around the shop when some lady set one of the baby quilts down and walked away. I snatched it up right away. I think she regretted it because she was watching me when I went to pay. Isn’t it funny how you want something more after it is gone?!! Oh well! She had her chance.
And the night was spent eating Japanese food with the loves of my life (and cuddling with my handsome husband). That’s right… cuddling.
birthday kisses
Anyways, Japanese food is what I ended up wanting, but I am still going through your lovely list because I am still stuck today and you all have so many good ideas! You know that BLT some of you are mentioning kinda sounds good. Although, I could go for another shrimp tempura roll.

‘Twas a wonderful birthday indeed. Imagine next year, I will have one more love to share it with! More love is a good thing.

p.s. Please keep the food suggestions coming and don’t forget my little unbirthday present to you!

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