vintage here, vintage there: roundup

December 20, 2010

vintage here, vintage there
You left us links to your vintage outfits, so Rachel and I decided to do a little roundup to share what lovely vintage things y’all are wearing wherever you are!
vintage here, vintage there roundup
I love that blue dress that Toni’s wearing. That vintage cape is so sweet! And I really want to borrow that yellow dress from Alma! Those shoes are crazy cool (um, can someone lend them to me?) and look so vintage (they are jeffrey campbell), but you can see the rest of Nickie’s vintage outfit here. Little Ocean Annie is so cute prego and wearing vintage… oh my gosh, so darling!
Are you wearing vintage today? Or have you worn vintage lately? Snap a picture and share it! Don’t forget to leave us the link in our comments section. Rachel and I always want to see what you are wearing “over there”!
Stay tuned tonight, as Rachel and I will be sharing our own “vintage here, vintage there” posts!
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