February 1, 2012

out to schoolout to school
{where from again? dress, vintage and gifted from Rachel. blazer, vintage. leggings, gifted. boots, thrifted}

She started a new semester and has the same classes, but her schedule is now flipped. Theatre used to be the first class of the day during the whole first semester, so she didn’t really participate because she said she felt shy. She told me as the day wore on, she would get less shy.
Theatre is now at the end of the day and I was hoping this would help her, and after just one week, it indeed has. Her teacher told me that she actually participated in the activity instead of just watching from the sidelines. Next goal, to get her to talk in theatre.
I know she loves theatre and listens because she comes home drawing and acting out everything they did, well, everything her classmates did. Hopefully, with this flipped schedule she will get more comfortable by the end of the day to let loose a bit in theatre. Despite what you may think of True based on pictures, this little one is super shy. Super doesn’t even describe how shy she really is. It can be maddening sometimes because it can come across rude when meeting new people, but hopefully she grows out of it as she gets older. At least that is what I am praying for.
Any of you super shy as a kid or have a super shy kid now?


  • Rae Veda says:

    She is so darling. So stylish. xo, rv


  • Kathya says:

    I was extremely SHY. possibly even more than True. Every time, my mom would take me out and i wouldn't say a word to her friends or make friends myself and my own age. i would rather watch other children than actually socialize.
    i feel now that i missed a lot BUT on the other hand, i was happy with who i was and my mom never said anything negative about it so i eventually grew out of it. i cant say i am super outgoing now (that is my husband's job) but i love where i am at as an adult. i am very observant and notice details of things, place and people that other cant. She will grow out of it eventually too.
    Patience, Mama! πŸ™‚

  • Stacy says:

    oh yes, i can relate to true! i was super shy and never wanted anyone outside of my family to notice me when i was little. of course i grew out of it, and she will too! she is adorable in that blazer – i am just about to do an outfit post of my little girl and she wore cowboy boots today too πŸ™‚

  • Elsie Larson says:

    gah! i love all your posts, but i think this feature is my fave. SO CUTE!!!

  • Victoria says:

    It's hard isn't it. My 5 yo is SUPER SUPER confident at home and with people she knows and it's such a contradiction when we're out. If a stranger so much as says hello or how are you – she's behind my legs in a second saying “you speak to them mum” in a very quiet stage whisper. It shouldn't be so maddening, but it is. Gorgeous girl though, she'll get there I'm absolutely sure of it. It's clear she has a lot to offer.

  • Laura says:

    Oh, my goodness! This outfit is a to die for delight! Her styling genius makes up for any shyness in my book! Hope God gives you the grace and patience to extend to her as she finds the way God wants her to be in the world! Love, love, love these out to school posts. They are my inspiration as I dress my little ones for school.

  • Sini says:

    I used to be not shy kid,until I was teased at school. It turned me super shy, and I have been trying to get rid of it since then. I can manage daily life,work and friends, but meeting new people makes me nervous and if I need to keep a speech I'll just panic. I hope True will overcome her shyness, just need to be patient and support her πŸ™‚

  • Megan says:

    True is such a stylish kid, I'm so jealous! Her dress is too adorable!

    I was incredibly shy when I was little, although none of my younger siblings were. It's not something I ever really grew out of, but as I grew older I learned how to be more polite and respectful about it.

    xo, Megan

  • Linda Park says:

    I was SO shy growing up, I never raised my hand even when I knew the answer. I was SO shy, I purposely lost in the hoola hooping contest (even though I was a rock star at it) so people wouldn't have to look at me. I was SO shy, I hated to eat in front of new people! Even in Jr. High! Maybe even part of HS! If there were new people around and there was food, I'd ALWAYS say I wasn't hungry.

    Praise God I grew out of that! … sort of. I'm still shy now. PUAHHAHAH

    I randomly was praying for True this morning as I was doing my hair. I prayed that God would give her courage and that she would one day see the need for a savior and find confidence/strength/self-worth in him. Yup. All that while putting my hair in a bun.

  • Kadri. says:

    I was quite shy when i was younger. In school I sat right in front of the teacher's table and she had hard time hearing me due to my really shy whispering/mumbling voice. Now I am keeping lectures in different schools to different children in almost everyday basis so I believe we can say I grew out of it nicely. I'm sure True will too.

  • my little sister used to refuse to speak and while she still hates answering the phone, she is now incredibly outgoing (if a bit weird…in the best way!). hang in there, i'm sure she'll grow out of it!

  • SO cute. I love seeing the mmix of patterns. I'm really lovin it.

  • Allison Drew says:

    I think this is my favorite feature on your blog! What are we going to do in the summer?

  • I was extremely shy as a child,and still am pretty uncomfortable in social situations. I now have a son who went a year without speaking to any adults. He has been doing better with the new school year, but is still pretty shy.

    Having been shy myself, I try to remember what it was like, so that I can help him. I think for me, the thing that I hated the most was when adults made a big deal when I talked, like “oh, look! Corey's talking!”. I had a few teachers that did that, and it was awful-making me even shyer!

    True will probably always be a bit timid, but with more and more self-confidence, she will hopefully “grow out of it” at least a bit over time!

  • Aww she is so cute! I love her green dress it is too adorable!


  • Alison says:

    My sister used to be like this! Painfully shy, to the point of driving my parents nuts. Fast forward to three weeks ago when she graduated from college with a degree in counseling and moved across country to take a year long internship at a rehab center working one on one with residents there. Needless to say, she has come out of her shell in big and AMAZING ways. There is hope for True!

  • Love her pick this week!

    I was super shy and so is my 4yo daughter now (must be genetic).
    I read this book The Shyness Breakthrough by Carducci, it was great and some useful tips to help kids join in the fun. It was painful for me to see my daughter missing out on fun things because of the shyness, because I remember how it felt growing up. She is doing a lot better joining things now, even if it does take her awhile.
    Good luck and just keep praising and encouraging her for her efforts.

  • Tang says:

    I was SUPER SUPER shy all the way into high school. It really helped having a best friend who stood up for me and would help me out when I didn't talk. She also helped me become less shy and do more things over time. I'm sure True will be much less shy in time!

  • Kira says:

    My twin sister and I both were super shy. I think it was worse because we kind of just hung out with each other and felt like we didn't really need to get to know the other kids because we already had a built in best friend.
    Whenever people asked us questions, my mom would always answer for us. I think it's helpful if you make her answer for herself. Probably builds confidence and brings her out of her shell.
    I was really shy until college.

  • She is absolutely ADORABLE! All of your kids are!

    I was sooooooooo shy when I was little… I was scared of anyone with a moustache & wouldn't talk to them. Including my uncles & my parents' friends, ha! I got over that, though! πŸ˜‰ I think with True going to school once a week and being around other kids her own age should help break her out of her shell a bit!

  • Vivi says:

    such an adorable outfit!!!! xx

  • Melissa says:

    None of my children are even CLOSE to being shy (which can be equally frustrating in social situations). However, my husband was painfully shy as a child and now his is a Pastor, preaching God's Word with bold confidence! Don't be discouraged, the Lord has big things planned for your True.

  • Your little girls are so super trendy! I was very shy when I was younger- and I still am now…sometimes! πŸ˜‰

  • Lynn says:

    My daughters were both super shy until they started attending preschool 3-4 days a week. I think it helped them become more comfortable speaking to new and different people 'cause ya just can't be silent for that many days every week! Afer a couple of months, they both started to really speak up for themselves and talk to all the neighbors!

  • Come to think of it – I was SUPER shy growing up too!! One time for halloween I was so nervous going to school (I think that's related to shyness) I almost threw up on my costume. I remember cause my mom had to hold my belle (beauty and beast) dress back. Yikes. I was so shy I wouldn't even ask to go to the bathroom. Hmm.

    One thing I actually remember my mom had us do growing up was speak up or ask. If we wanted something (like at the restaurant or something) — we had to ask ourselves.. she wouldn't do it for us. She would be like, “you go ask yourself!” and I was babysitting the other day and found myself saying that too. haha. True is such a sweetheart, I am sure she will grow out of it.

  • Loris S. says:

    I was indeed super shy as well! You couldn't get me to talk or come up to you or do anything! It's unfortunate because there's a limited amount of footage & pictures of the younger me because I refused to be in front of a camera. Sigh. Very thankful that it's just a phase πŸ™‚ True will grow out of it & it'll be wonderful!

  • Karen M. says:

    Hello! I'm a new follower but I read this and couldn't help but leave a comment. I was always a super shy kid and my younger sister proved to be just as shy as me, maybe even shyer. I would think I'm still a bit shy now that I'm 26 years old, but a lot of what I had as younger kid is gone. You just get more confident and comfortable with age. In order to talk more, it helps a lot when I didn't have someone speak for me often or make excuses for me like “oh she is shy, sorry she won't speak at the moment” etc because I always heard it and sometimes made me more shy or more self-conscious. It's nicer when the adults didn't point it out or force. With time, it comes out naturally and it also depends on the person. There are just some people that I feel at ease with immediately and others that I need more time to warm up to. Thanks for mentioning shyness, it really made me think a lot about it again. Sometimes, I forget that I used to be super, super shy!

    But another note, those photos of your daughter are cute! She has great style already – those red boots! πŸ™‚

  • Emily says:

    Hi, just reading through your blog, and this post really related to me as a kid. I was extremely shy as a kid, but I was only shy in front of other kids my age. With adults and younger/older children, I was great, and many of my parents friends were so surprised when my parents told them I was shy. Even though I always marched to my own beat, I had anxiety issues that made me resist opening myself up to other kids, as I feared unrealistically they would not like me, and then talk about me and spread rumours. As I got older I learnt how to talk myself out of these unrealistic feelings, and now most of my friends would be so surprised I am writing this. I was always pleasantly surprised to find out that people really did enjoy my company πŸ˜‰ From reading your blog, your daughter sounds like such a cool kid, and it’s so great how she is an individual too.

    Another thing that helped with my shyness, was really supportive and creative teachers. I always loved the arts, and found acting out a role in a presentation, instead of reading from myself as a student, would always be a big motivator. To combat my speech presentation anxiety in Gr.7, I read my speech like I was a tour guide for the city of London πŸ˜‰

    by the way, her style is amazing!

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