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June 4, 2009

The girls and I spent some time in this beautiful building with the prettiest walls. I would love my walls to look like this. It was utterly gorgeous wall paper and I am sure very old wallpaper. Here so many grand picture opportunities are sure to be had. Actually, the whole building was just gorgeous, lots of details and really old. Those are very good combinations.

gorgeous gorgeous
old pretty wallpaper

Besides this as wallpaper, I would love this in fabric. Wallpaper or fabric, either way I would gladly take it, so I guess too bad that either isn’t an option.
What type of wall person are you? Wallpaper? Colored walls? Or white? I tend to leans toward white. Though, I am sure that can change one day.

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  • zombiemommy1 says:

    all our walls are white (except the girls room, and i recently went crazy and painted the laundry room BRIGHT green) (and i hate it)
    so i guess i like white walls, with splashes of color in furniture,art,etc, 🙂

    BUT this wall paper is so very pretty!
    adrienne K.

  • chelseybell. says:

    i haven't really found a wallpaper i could fully decorate a room with, maybe half wallpaper and half paint??

    i live in an apartment where we can't paint the walls (not even really supposed to hang anything, but i rebel), so I'd prefer more color, but white is just right sometimes.

    hope you're doing well :).

  • rustandroses says:

    Our entire house, every room, is painted the same warm cream, with white trim. We have dark wood floors, so it makes a great, neutral contrast. It also makes it easy for my ever-changing mood! I can swap out furniture and art in between rooms, and it all stays cohesive. I would love to someday get some wallpaper from Waverly (they have some gorgeous rose patterns – like cotswold cottage style!), but right now, it's too expensive; it would cost hundreds to do one room. I do love adding paper to the backs of cabinets and bookcases, though.

  • I think I lean toward coloured walls, but some white too! Just definitely not off-white. Shudder!

  • sharyl says:

    i tend to lean towards neutral colors. right now they're beige/cream-ish or white. I'd like some color but i'll probably get tired of it quickly, so i just add pops of color using pillows and other accents.

  • Julie says:

    I like plain walls and colour in the accessories, but that could be a) because I change my mind a lot and changing the accessories is easier than repainting and b) because I've never hung wallpaper, and the idea scares me! Maybe one day I'll bite the bullet – if I could find some as lovely as the one in your pictures I'd be inclined to give it a go!

  • ~3iNnA~ says:

    I love wallpapers but I don't like it in our house. I saw a fabric wallpaper that I love (I think I took a picture of it (let me see if I can find it…)but it is more toward feminine…my husband might not like it) We have wallpaper in our kitchen and bathroom. We remove the wallpaper in the bathroom last year…the kitchen not yet but we are hoping when we have the kitchen renovation I will make sure it will be something else (I should take a picture of my kitchen wallpaper…it was here before I moved in…I don't like the wall paper in our kitchen…). I love warm colors. I love white but I like each room in different colors…and the ceiling different colors from the wall. Our office is light blue now…our bathroom is light yellow…but it changes though.

  • mandiegirl says:

    I have colored walls right now, and really like wallpaper(unfortunately, the expensive stuff!), but am craving white walls in my bedroom!

  • mrs.deane says:

    Good morning, Ruby :O)

    I am more of a cream walls person – with colorful accent pieces. White is (usually) too sharp/stark/bright for me, but seeing little glimpses at your house often makes me think I could go the whiter way in some areas – thanks for the inspiration!

    But I love how for the past few years (at least) many designers have been suggesting purchasing one roll of a paper you really love (and of course the ones I really love are always starting at over $200!!!) and making it into a giant framed piece of art, or using it to line the inside of your cupboards or drawers, etc. That way you get to see the beauty of the paper you like, but it isn't all over and someday you end up feeling surrounded and just want to tear it all down.

    However, the idea of a powder room or – I hate them but if anything could make them lovely, a toilet only room – completely covered in a beautiful lush paper makes me swoon! Add a wee chandelier in one of those situations and I'd be happy to be locked in there for at least an hour :O)

    I hope you, your girlies, and your sweet little baby cakes in the oven, have a lovely day at home today.

    Hugs, Susan

  • WALLPAPER!!! Just don't have any place to put it. Not so much paint or white… Miss you guys!

  • I don't think I have a preference… when I have white walls I want color, when they're colored, I want paper, and then back to white!! That's what makes life wonderful: change! I LOVE this paper… makes me think someone should really think seriously about starting an affordable wall paper company with vintage designs that are real art!!

  • I like all three…white, colored walls, wallpaper…

    And right now I'm exceedingly content with my white walls!!

  • Christen says:

    That wallpaper reminds me very much of Florence Broadhurt's papers. She was a world-renowned Aussie wallpaper and textile designer who put out the most fabulous wallpapers and fabrics in Australia in the late 60s and 70s. Her designs have enjoyed a bit of a revival here in Australia in the last few years and a film/doco was made about her almost unbelievable life called “Unfolding Florence”. She was totally eccentric and utterly brilliant. You can still buy limited runs of her papers and fabric from the company who owns the copyright to her designs. Anyway…just thought you might be interested since you loved that design so much.
    And congratulations on your impending tiniest cakie!

  • libbydibby says:

    i'm a full color gal.
    our last 2 houses were as we affectionately labeled, “crayola” – with different inspiration boards providing the color directions.
    I tend to go for paint because I can change my mind easily and have an overload of pattern (always) with my insane love of textiles.

  • Jackie Kersh says:

    after so many years as a renter, i am now thrilled to own my home and have the freedom to paint my walls any color i fancy. that said, i am definitely a fan of color and wallpaper on walls.

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