experimental dessert with pumpkin cake

December 11, 2012

experimental sweetsexperimental sweetsexperimental sweetsexperimental sweetsThis is so 3 weeks ago. I made this dessert for Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. It was kind of experimental and I was just hoping it would turn out well. I figured a bunch of sweet things together have to taste decent, right?!

I used this pumpkin cake recipe for the cake portion. When it was done baking, I took off parts of the top of the cake and poured in some condensed milk (maybe 1/2 – 1 cup) all over. Next, I put those top layers back on. Then, I made some whipped cream and lathered that all over the top of the cake. I crushed honey graham crackers and english toffee and then sprinkled those all over the top of the whipped cream.

I crossed my fingers it would taste good with that random little combos I did and thankfully it did! Or maybe I just love all things sweet that it tasted fine to me and everyone else was too nice to tell me otherwise.

I did use that same pumpkin cake recipe for Soul’s birthday cake, but instead of raisins, we used chocolate chips. Also, instead of whipped cream, we did buttercream frosting. I love all things pumpkin and since it’s the season for it, we’re going crazy with it. Do you love pumpkin filled foods too?

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