the thanksgiving feast

November 23, 2012

thanksgiving 2012thanksgiving 2012thanksgiving 2012thanksgiving 2012thanksgiving 2012
thanksgiving 2012 We were part of two Thanksgiving feasts yesterday. First we went to my mom and dad’s house, and my mom, as usual, went all out. She made so much food! She has the gift of hospitality. It’s what she’s really good at, amongst other things, but I think it’s one of the magical powers she has. None of us siblings got that talent. Our mom can cook a meal for 50 people and not break a sweat. She’s pretty amazing. She wanted us to take pictures because she marks all the recipes she uses for different occasions and wants to make a book to give to us of all her different recipes.

My dad’s side of the family was over and we all attacked the table as soon as we prayed for the food and everyone said, “Amen.” If you listened 10 minutes after everyone got their food, you heard nothing. It was silent. No doubt everyone was happily enjoying their meals. I was among the silent and that’s why there aren’t any pictures of anyone eating. We were all to busy enjoying ourselves to take pictures. We went to Ben’s cousin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and we were just having a good time chatting and eating that no pictures got taken at all. The turkey and stuffing there was also just as yummy.

I am so glad I got to eat it two times in one day! I really love turkey and stuffing and I love it so much that I’m already asking Ben if he could make some turkey at home soon. Thanksgiving feast part 3 anyone?!

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