it’s not my story

August 28, 2009

But I am telling it anyways, so watch out… long post ahead. 

My best friend is finally getting married. It has been such an eventful week as I, and a number of other people, have been anticipating Thursday. My day out yesterday to shop and have girl bonding time was all just part of a ploy (I didn’t really shop, though I pretended like I was going to, it just isn’t in our budget). John, the fiance, is clever. Ellen, the other best friend, is clever. And I, in the most humble way possible, am clever. We are masters of deceit, but all for the greater good, I assure you. 
First, let me tell you about one of my best friends, her name is Linda. We met when we both worked at the GAP back in college, found out we were the same major at the same school, went to the same hairstylists, both shared the same faith in Christ, so you can say, we were like sisters just from different mothers. We travelled and studied abroad together and we never fought once. Okay, maybe we had mood swings cause of our monthly woman thing, but we never, ever fought. She knows my bad, good, ugly, messy, and all the nerdy crafty side of me.
There was only one way we were really different, okay maybe two, with the second being I nerd about crafting way more than she does. The first reason is that I am an extreme romantic (can you not tell?!!) and wanted to get married the day I learned what marriage was, which was when I was 5. Lin, on the other hand, well, she was a “woman hear me roar” kinda gal. So the fact that she was eagerly anticipating getting engaged and now planning a wedding, she has definitely come full circle. Believe or not, now she is even okay with changing her name. She swore she would never change it when she got married.
Okay, so I warned you this post was long (full of polaroids and digital pictures). Onto the story…
Yesterday, Linda thought that we were going to just hang out, eat, and shop. After which we were to pick up Ben from the train (he takes the train to work), so that we could stop by Hibbleton Gallery, which held the Instant Gratification: A Polaroid Party exhibit. I told her my polaroid pictures were there, and the good best friend that she is, was happy to tag along to see my stuff at the gallery. Then, we were all going to go to dinner. Of course, the nerdy-photography-lovin’ blogger that I am had my polaroid camera and SLR with me, cause I have to take lots of pictures anywhere I go. 
First, I wanted to make sure my polaroid camera was working, so I made an excuse to take a silly girl picture. We wanted a jumping picture (yes, I was gonna jump high with my ginormous belly), but I guess we didn’t count off at the same with Ben. This awkward photo is so cute and funny that I love it. She wanted to take another picture, but I knew that I had to save my polaroids for something much more important inside. 
our awkward cute picture
We invited one of our other friends to the gallery and dinner, who is Linda’s other best friend, Ellen, who with me has been alongside John plotting and planning. Ellen, just happen to get off work early and was already waiting at the gallery for us. Once we saw Ellen, we all said, “Hi!” and chatted about how long its been since we have seen each other. 
We go inside the gallery and ooh and aah over all the polaroids and we start making our way on the left wall, looking for my pictures. I told them that the polaroid of True and the red balloon should be here, so that is what we were on the lookout for. 
the polaroid exhibitwe are sneaky!!!
(Ellen being sneaky as Lin is looking)

Now, Linda was acting like she was on a treasure hunt and was zooming through all the photos so quickly that she made us worry a little bit. We knew there was one particular photo she needed to see, but she kept passing it and we didn’t want her to see John (in person) without seeing the photo first. Ellen and I kept saying anything to get her to look at that general area, but she was not paying attention. Ben had already stepped outside to supposedly make a phone call, but it was to signal John to get ready. Finally, Linda saw the picture…
the polaroidoh my gosh!she turned aroundshe turned around
Linda instantly freaks out in shock, happiness, and loads of excitement as John walks through the door. I am going as fast as I could switching between my SLR and polaroid camera, it was so crazy and so much excitement!
AHHH! YES!!!lots of screamingwill you marry me?oh my gosh!!!she said yes!oh my gosh!lots of joyan unforgettable polaroid momentshe was so happylove is in the air
She was in such shock that she needed a moment…
she needed a breather
I am sure they will never forget this place. 
hibbleton gallery
Afterwards, we all headed across the street to the grab some drinks (water for me) and finally unload all the secrets we have been keeping from her. This is also the same bar that John was waiting and watching for us through the window. Of course, I made them takes lots of pictures (and can see them here).
Since I am pregnant, my best friend lets me have my cravings, so I said I was craving a good deli sandwich for dinner. Ellen, then just happily pronounced that her favorite place was just a few blocks away, so off we went to celebrate (and for Lin to get surprise #2)…

tears again!

Her one request, besides having John, was that she would be able to celebrate with her family and close friends. So at Roscoe’s Deli, their families and closest friends were waiting to surprise Linda for the engagement party. Linda was so surprised again. She even started crying, again. 
I wasn’t really craving it, but it was good. It was such a joyous time. Linda didn’t even eat, which I guess is just a slight taste of what the wedding will be like, because what bride and groom eat at their own wedding anyways?!! We didn’t.
love i heart them lots
The night ended and I am sure Linda is still on cloud nine. These moments are such gifts from God, we must never forget to always give glory first to the gift giver. All this is God’s doing. God worked in John. God worked in Lin. God put them together and now God will be working in them together. Praise God!
Oh I can’t wait to get this wedding planning on the road. Finally! I love doing wedding stuff!!! Plus, I highly recommend marriage, it is loads of fun!
Linda and John, we love you both so much! Congratulations!!!
p.s. On a completely different note, the shop is updated with cameos and some other goodies. Oh and don’t forget the giveaway!!!

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