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January 28, 2013

fun wall artfun wall artbff houseI took this picture while back on instagram (over the summer). It was of the BFF’s new (old) dining table and some fruit she put in a bowl for me to eat. It happened to look like a smiley face, so I took a picture. I love the editing that instagram allows you to do and how the picture came out. Though for those who follow me (@rubyellenbratcher) and wonder, I most often use vsco for my editing app.

My best friend has pretty much given me free reign to decorate her house, so whatever I tell her to buy (within reason), she buys. It’s a nice arrangement. She’s got a house to fill and I like to shop for house stuff, so I get to shop while not spending my own money. I love decorating! Anyways, she keeps telling me she needs wall art, so for Christmas I gifted to her (and John) this piece to put up in their home. It’s pretty large, I think it’s 24″ wide and whatever the coordinating measurement in height. I really love how the colors came out and I’m thinking about getting one printed for our home. I think it makes for such a fun print! Makes me wish I had time to have a little print shop of sorts because I think it would be fun to sell cute prints of pretty things.

While we’re at iphone apps, there’s this new one called vine and it’s like instagram, but it’s sharing little 6 second video clips. So fun and dangerous! If you wanna follow my videos just check out @rubyellenbratcher on vine! See my first little video here.

7 comments on “instagram wall art”

  • Milynn says:

    That is a great idea! I may have to get some of my own iphone images printed Looks great!

  • Chloe Moon says:

    What a great idea to blow up pictures!! It looks perfect in her space! =)

  • Love the print! Did you use anything fancy to print? I’ve already got a billion pictures of our new little lady and a few big prints would make for some great grandparent gifts.

  • that is an awesome idea! i’ve been scouring the web for some fun art prints into my new home, but have been SOOO picky. making one from a photo that i took (and that i obviously love) is a given. LOVE the contrast of pink in her home! awesome job!

  • Lauren says:

    Great idea! Can i ask where you got it printed?

  • Tania says:

    I absolutely love this idea and the picture as well! I was wondering if you took the picture with your phone camera or with a regular camera? I thought pictures taken with cell phones did not have enough resolution to be printed in large sizes…

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