we made posters for each other

January 30, 2013

handmade postershandmade postershandmade postershandmade postersFor Christmas (yeah, so late in sharing!), Ben and I had no Christmas present requests. Well, I wanted sweats and he wanted his orchard and so he got me sweats and he got himself his orchard (it’s a work in progress that we will all benefit from one day). He’s such a hard guy to gift because he doesn’t ever really want anything frivolous. He’s so practical that his idea of a gift for himself is something for the kitchen, gardening, or something for us girls. Well, I decided to make him a poster that could go in our bedroom. I remembered this post by Jordan Ferney and fell in love with the giant galaxy poster from the hubble site. The best thing about this site is that they offer all the images for free downloads, so I downloaded the one I wanted, added my own writing in photoshop (inspired by this book cover) and voila! I had a sweet, little (well, it’s kind of big at  36″ x 36″) message for Ben. We’ve been in talks to redo some things in our bedroom, so this poster was a good start. I had it printed matte in wide format at Staples and it did cost a bit to get it so large (about $70) for this galaxy one and about ($45) for this poster, but it prints beautifully on nice, thick paper.

Now, funnily enough, after I gave Ben his poster on Christmas morning, he goes in the garage to get me this long tube and out of it, I pulled out my own poster that he had made. I had repinned this poster (originally from here) a few days before Christmas because the sentiment on it was something that really resonated with me regarding pretty much everyday of my life lately. I showed Ben and told him that was totally my motto and would love my own to hang, and so he made me one!

We both chuckled that we happened to both give each other a poster with a saying of sorts. Seriously, we think alike most times. I tell people I’m the girl version of him and he’s the boy version of me. We really are so much the same that in all of our 3 years of dating, we only had 1 fight. I think it’s because we think so similarly, so we find it easier to be in sync with each other. Don’t worry though, we’re still definitely normal. We fight much more now that we’re married, but for the most part, we still think pretty similarly (just with a little bit more arguing thrown in for good measure).

p.s. totally has nothing to do with posters, but this weekend there is a cool vintage pop-up shop going on here and don’t forget Danni’s grand opening too!

15 comments on “we made posters for each other”

  • Rachel says:

    I love this! Do you remember what font you used on the galaxy print?

  • Mariana says:

    So adorbs! ♥

  • T says:

    I love these, the galaxy poster is such a cool idea!

  • Kelly Rae says:

    These are absolutely wonderful!!!

  • Jean says:

    For real. The first few years, boyfriend and I never really fought.. We have been together almost ten years! 😉

    I think this is adorable that you both got each other posters. They are pretty sweet, too.

  • Carla says:

    I love these, especially the one you made. My husband and I always do handmade for valentines, thanks for the great idea!

  • Vanessa says:

    I think it’s so cute that you and Ben both ended up giving each other posters! And I love the space one you made!

  • Christine says:

    Such a cute space poster! I love your handwriting. Could you be coerced to write all of my correspondence? 😉

  • Tang says:

    I love the poster you made! I can’t believe you hand-wrote that. It’s amazing. P.S. I just bought that moose book. 🙂

  • April says:

    You constantly inspire me! Not only in your creativity, but in how you love Jesus too. That galaxy poster is beyond incredible. I’ve been obsessed with NASA stuff lately. (recently watched From the Earth to the Moon) I may have to do a project of my own with those free downloadable images… Thanks!

  • love is… making sweet poem posters for eachother

  • Love the posters! And it totally inspired what I made for Valentine’s Day cards this year – thank you for the inspiration!

  • erinlucy says:

    HI Ruby!
    I’m not sure whether you would have noticed that someone in Australia was slowly making their way back through your archives. Just in case you have noticed (and may have been a little freaked by it), I wanted to let you know who the weirdo was! haha. I’ve read your blog on and off for a long time (I actually sent you an email with photos of my recreation of your mini felt mouse house that I made last christmas) and I find that almost everything you write resonates with me so much. I only have 2 children and I don’t homeschool but I still identify with so much of what you write about. Your blog is an inspiring breath of fresh air to me. My husband teases me that you have become my life guru! Anyway, I apologise if this is creepy and stalkerish but I wanted to thank you for your blog. xoxo Erinlucy

    • Rubyellen says:

      Not creeper stalkerish at all. I’m the weirdo that blogs about my life. 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement! It’s my hope that through this space I would encourage others through my stories of failures (if you can be an example, be a warning… that’s me!), encourage others to get sewing and creating with their kids, but also celebrate all the wonderful bits too (even though bad days are mixed in). I’m definitely not a life guru, but I’m so glad you can find encouragement here. xoxo

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