nutty nutty my love for you

April 8, 2016

Oh these girls … drive me nuts, but I love them so much. I thought it would be easy to get back in the swing of things after spring break, but we have been behind all week. Everyone has a had a tough time staying on task and we are having trouble completing all my lesson plans for the day. I hate the feeling of being behind. While I work with True and Brave, Soul and Glow love turning the house upside down. They say they will clean it up, but when it’s time to clean up, Glow suddenly wants to go to nap. Then, Soul starts crying because she doesn’t want to clean by herself. Glow gets reprimanded for having a lazy and selfish heart, and well, you can imagine the tears from both of them. Maybe, on a good day, things get cleaned up two hours later. Unfortunately, it’s not clean clean and things get stuffed in random spots. Meanwhile, True and Brave are still not done with something they should have finished two hours ago. You know… it’s just regular life over here. The good, the bad, and the messy of rearing children is such a blessing (though sometimes I forget). #graceupongrace

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  • Savannah says:

    Big hug. This is life at our homeschooling house too .. The struggle is real. I recently purchased the book Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. I haven’t started reading it yet but I’m hoping it helps. Life is messy… but the good thing is we can clean it up and know the one who can help clean the mess. It’s tough but your not alone <3

    • Rubyellen says:

      I’ll need to look that book up. Man, things have been so difficult around here after spring break.

  • S says:

    Our HSing life is in the same spot! If your like me I go in their room that night and see them sleeping and then I’m suddenly taken over by their sweet little faces and then I’m ready for the next day all over again.

  • Brittany says:

    We don’t even homeschool but I am right there with you since spring break! It takes so long for the kids to actually do the task I gave them sometimes that when they ever listen and get to work the first time I feel like celebrating! If the chore or schoolwork isnt something that feels like fun with a reward at the end they just shut down. Ahhh…. But you are right about the sleeping 🙂

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