family meals: week 26

August 24, 2012

family mealsfamily mealsTurkey Meatloaf. My best friend introduced me to skinny taste and tried out this recipe and said it came out good, so I wanted to try it too. I have never made meatloaf before and boy is it easy! I am a fan. I doubled the recipe, made the girls their own in a cupcake pan (cooked it slightly too long and burned the edges) and I made ours in a bread pan and of course threw in half a tablespoon of cayenne (next time I will throw in a full tbsp). Gotta have that spice! Adding this to the home cooked meals regularly based on how yummy and fast this is!

family mealsMashed Cauliflower. This accompanied out meatloaf. We had our friend Jun over this night, he comes over once a week for dinner and to share life, and while he was enjoying the mash, we asked him, “Did you know this isn’t potatoes?” Well, there is one in it, but it was mostly cauliflower. He was surprised, but not, since it is our house after all. I loved mashed cauliflower! You just steam a bunch (we used two heads) until it’s soft, along with one potato (or two), and then mash it all together. Throw in some smart balance, garlic, chives, and salt and pepper to taste and oh man… bomb diggity. If you haven’t tried it, you must!

We had only one home cooked meal this week because either we had leftovers or went out to eat to celebrate their first day of school. We still have more left overs of meatloaf, so I know what I am going to be eating for lunch. Can’t wait! I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Week 8/27 – 8/31
Monday: Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp
Tuesday: Mexican Slow Cooked Chicken Carnitas
Wednesday: Cajun Chicken Pasta
Thursday: Black Bean Soup
Friday: Pizza

I’ve never tried cooking with a crock pot, but I want to. Though I need to get a crock pot first. Any of you use a crock pot? I would love to hear some good recipes if you have any!

8 comments on “family meals: week 26”

  • Tang says:

    Love my crockpot for chili or pulled pork/chicken!

  • Anne says:

    A: Have you tried cauliflower soup? My husband has a recipe which is a favorite around here and it is so creamy without any cream!

    B: Yes, crockpot all the time, especially since we both work full time out of the house. It’s so nice to come home to a meal already set to plate. We also love pulled pork/pulled chicken and pot roast is also a staple. I’ve also been experimenting with a lot of our baked dishes to see how they come out in the crock pot, and for the most part the results have been great.

  • Ana says:

    I’ve tried mashed cauliflower before, but it didn’t taste very good. I’ll try using potatoes and more herbs this time!!

    • Karen says:

      try putting a little shredded cheese in the cauliflower.

      You can put chunks of your meat loaf in spaghetti sauce – voila instant meatballs.

  • Isabelle says:

    Yeah, the cauliflower soup is SO GOOD! Very creamy! YUM.
    And the crock-pot, in fact, my mum is going to cook a piece of meat that I love, today. I am not a really meat eater but this one is SO GOOD too! :p

    What we are going to do soon is trying to make yogurt in the crock-pot! I am very exited, because I LOVE the greek yogurt, sour. YUM.

    I hope you really buy it, it is a blessing to have a crock-pot @ home!

    Good luck &God’s blessing!

  • Katharine says:

    I like using this recipe for a yummy crockpot dinner and the leftovers are even better! I add a little more spice and coconut milk!


  • heather says:

    i can’t live without my crockpot!!! it makes life easy. i even make pie filling in my crock pot!! i’ll have to send you some recipes!

  • Bethany says:

    Mmm your dinner is making me hungry (and I just ate mine!). I’m going to have to do the cauliflower again. I hide all kinds of things– turnips, parsnips.. anything white! The only thing I was sort of surprised to see is the Smart Balance– that is full of highly processed oils like canola and soybean, has artificial flavors in it and soy lecithin among other things– not good at all for you or for your children. Butter is always better!

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