August 24, 2012

happy faceI’m doing the Friday dance today. Are you? We have officially started school and it looks like a library threw up all over my kitchen tables. The girls are excited and so am I. I’m feeling good about this year, albeit a little stressed, but I think the fact the girls are almost neck in neck as far as skills, make things much easier when teaching them despite the different grade levels. Plus, if I used to be able to handle a classroom of 30 fourth graders, two little girls in K and 1 is cake right?!

Today is for cleaning up our school space, so that the explosion stays away from the dining table and kitchen. We’ve also got a Misha Lulu shoot going on at our house tomorrow, so cleaning is necessary. I know some of you have asked about some of our homeschool curriculum and some of it is here in the FAQ section, though I do need to update it with our first grade materials. If you have any other questions besides curriculum ones, feel free to ask away here!

This week’s learned and links…

Skinny taste has some great recipes.

Soulie has been wanting to sleep in True and Brave’s room and it’s cute to see them all together. They will make such good memories together!

Bananas are Glow’s jam. She LOVES them. If you had her choose between me or a banana, I think I would lose.

Last week’s message at our gathering with our church family, totally cut my heart. I am thankful for the grace of God and grace and forgiveness of others.

My BFF has given me freedom to be in charge of decorating her house! I am so excited!!!! I get to spend someone else’s money buying pretty things. You should see her dining table that I picked out… it is amazing!!!

My friend Melody wows me every time. You must follow her blog because she just puts out amazing things like THIS every time. The THIS even gets put into all caps because it is THAT good!!!

Enjoy your weekend friends! Even though the heat is going to jump back up in the next week, I am enjoying this cooler weather and it is kinda giving me feelings of Autumn. So happy!!!

5 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Ana says:

    I love Skinny taste! They have awesome recipes there!

  • lin says:

    thanks for spending my money!

  • Sharyl says:

    i love skinny taste too! my favorite is the fish piccata (minus the panko). I make it every other week.

    are those green things figs?

  • Joy says:

    Awesome thing about homeschooling, Grade level doesn’t REALLY matter. Teach them out of the same books if they are on the same level. I still do story of the world with my 2nd, 5th, and 8th graders, just add books on their level. And if everyone is still on picture book level, even better!!!! Good luck with your year!

  • Bethany says:

    Sometimes it takes me awhile but I finally realized that you’re here now! I LOVE True’s hair! And they are both so cute in their back-to-school pics!! We start next week (2 in high school already!) Now I have to go update my blog with your new address…

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