makings for the camp out

August 11, 2011

Brave’s birthday request was for a “Camp Out”. Where she got that idea is beyond us, but that is what promised to deliver. In preparation to the days leading up, we did a few projects to get ready for the “Camp Out.”
First, there must be camp shirts.
brave's birthday camp out
Ben designed them and I think if he weren’t a dietitian, he could have been a graphic designer. He has a thing for good design and fonts. Oh… how he loves fonts! He used a little character from his fave illustration artist Simon Oxley. We then printed the image onto iron-on paper, bought little boy ribbed tank packs from target, then ironed them on. It was perfection!
brave's birthday camp out
Second, we had to have some type of camp bandana or headdress.
brave's birthday camp out
Thus, with strips of jersey and cotton fabric I worked with the girls to braid it together to make something special for each of them to wear.
brave's birthday camp out
Lastly, we had to make camp flags to designate our camp area.
brave's birthday camp out
True and I worked on these together to keep some things a surprise for Brave. We used this tutorial for flag sculptures via Jordan Ferney.
brave's birthday camp out
We these things (and a few others) we were ready to celebrate Brave’s fourth birthday with her special “Camp Out”!

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