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September 12, 2012

we love hammockswe love hammockswe love hammockswe love hammocksIf you remember this post, then you know how much we love having an indoor hammock. It really is one of our favorite spots in the house. For the kids, it’s like having an indoor swing, so you can imagine all the fun they have in it. I am convinced everyone should have an indoor hammock.

We love hammocks so much we got this beautiful Nicaraguan hammock. I love our colorful one, and I love big punches of color with our white-washed floors and white walls, but the fringe on our colorful hammock drove me crazy. Every time the girls swing on it, they step on the fringe and it comes off. So once or twice a week, I would have to crochet (because I am annoyingly anal like that) all the fringe back on. This hammock has the beautiful detailing, but will save me some extra time a week.

I know some of you have commented (and emailed) me about where to purchase my colorful hammock, but I couldn’t really lead you anywhere because it was from Anthro two years ago and it just isn’t around anymore. The weave on this one is actually thicker than our colorful one and it is bigger that even Ben can get in with both the two big girls cuddling beside him with more room to spare! This new one lacks the spread bar, which I thought would make it harder for the kids to get in, but it is no problem.

Um… I wonder how many indoor hammocks are allowed in a house?!

***UPDATE*** I’ve edited the post to remove the name of the store this hammock came from because I’ve heard from a couple of you that that particular shop hasn’t been reliable of late, so I would suggest googling “Nicaraguan hammocks” if you want one similar in style to mine. Hopefully you can find another shop who has good customer service to back up their products. See comments of other readers below of the bad experience they had with that shop, so I no longer recommend ordering from Almanza Hammock.ย 

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  • Jams says:

    I was inspired by you to hang a hammock in our apartment and it’s now, after a few short days, the go to place for me to read books to our two year old! Love the white one!

  • jane says:

    i love the new hammock!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leire says:

    How many real space you need to hang a hammock? We live in a flat and I am not sure we have the space to hang it, plus my husband said ‘no way, are you crazy? stop looking at blogs…?, but I still believe I can convince him :), so..yeap, how much space do I need ?

    • rubyellen says:

      I don’t think you need much space. The higher on the wall you put it, the more it will lift it and give you space. I would say depending the size of the hammock you get, maybe at least the length of it. But it’s great because if you put it on clamp rings like we have, you can undo it from hanging easily and it doesn’t take up that much space when not in use.

  • Oh wow it’s beautiful! It’s still fun (because hello? It’s a freakin’ hammock!) but it’s such a grown-up style, it fit’s your home (and your family!) beautifully!

    Unrelated question: what is that pretty little plant on the table in the corner with heart-shaped leaves?

  • Rachel says:

    Is that swan pinata eating your plants?!

  • Kathya says:

    We always had a hammock growing up. I honestly hammock without the spreader bar (which BTW… in Latin country you wont find one with a bar) are safer in my own opinion.
    Lovely set up. I love your floors, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SO AWESOME!! I kid you not, I saw this post and yelled “Oh dang, they have a hammock inside!’ to my husband and made him look ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your house is the raddest!!!

  • Helen says:

    this is so great! I’ve never been able to hang anything heavier than shelves in any house I’ve lived in for fear the walls would crumble

  • Sharyl says:

    Ever since you posted about your colorful one, I’ve been drooling about putting up an indoor hammock somewhere in our new house. Now I am definitely crazy drooling about having one! I must convince the husband. Maybe I’ll find a unique one when we go on vacation… I’ll give up all of my clothes just to fit a hammock in my suitcase!

    Happy first birthday to Glow, btw. It is nice to see her grow, even just on your blog and instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Such a good idea!! I love to hang with my family as well. Hugs from Sweden

  • I hope I have enough room for one some day!

  • Ana says:

    I wish I had space for a hammock in my house! That’s one of my favorite memories as a kid! I used to love sleeping like that!

  • Christie says:

    I’m curious, what do you use to hang it from the wall?
    I had one in college, but I hung it on the balcony, from the balcony above us. Would love to hang it in my current apartment.

  • heather says:

    oh this one is sooo pretty. the one in the link is gorgeous! i think it might be a nice 10 year weeding anniversary present for the mister this month!

  • brooke rains says:

    Thanks for sharing the source! I am happy to see they are made in the Sunshine State!

  • khanh says:

    oh ruby, this is so beautiful. I just show my husband and he agreed that we can have a hammock in our extra bedroom..YAY!!
    i can’t wait.

  • how2home says:

    this is too amazing! I need to have one of these in my future house!

  • This hammock is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! We bought one on our trip to Central America last summer (its colorful) but this neutral one is stunning. The links arent working now. Is the shop still legit?

  • Christianna says:

    I absolutely loved this post. The hammock looks beautiful, and I had been searching for the right one for a while. I found the new Almanza website and selected a double / wedding hammock for indoors. I’m having a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE and would like to share my story, if you’re also considering buying:

    :: Shipping
    There is no information on the website about shipping information, nor that this is a made-to-order hammock. I purchased mine, thinking it would take 3-4 days max to ship. After waiting a week and sending an email with no response, I finally called and learned that these custom hammocks would take 5 weeks to get to me in California. Almanza also stated the ship time was in the production video – not true and not a good place to put that kind of information (at least not solely).

    :: Communication
    There was no communication to me regarding this shipment. Don’t bother emailing Almanza, he won’t answer. Every time I call he’s on the road, and when he’s offered to call me back, he doesn’t and I have to call again.

    :: “Lost” Order
    So after 4 weeks of waiting I figure, it must be shipping soon, so I email and ask for an update. No answer. I wait another week, hoping it comes. It doesn’t. I call Almanza again and am told that my order is “lost” and his mother can get me my hammock in 3 weeks. ARE YOU FOR REAL? If this is true, when did you plan on telling me?

    :: Request for Refund
    When I was told I would have to wait almost another month for the hammock, I said I wanted a refund (immediately). I was told ok, but that never happened. I waited a little longer, then I called back. This time, he told me I had to wait 5 days for “processing.” What the hell do you have to process? I didn’t return anything. All you have to do is hit the refund button on PayPal. WTF.

    :: PayPal Claim
    So here we are, he did not refund my money by yesterday, as promised. I tried communicating again via PayPal to note a dispute, but no answer. Late last night, I escalated this dispute to a claim.

    At this point, I have no faith I would have gotten either my hammock or my money back. I’m still hoping to get my money back, actually. This is not a real e-comm business, and this is not how you handle customer service. I wish I could speak to the quality and amazingness of this hammock, but I had to look elsewhere instead. I suggest you all do the same.

    Thanks for hearing me out,

    • mycakies says:

      I’m so sorry! That sounds so horrible! I would be just as frustrated as you and it sounds like your frustration is definitely justified. I’ve been in a similar situation and it just makes you want to pull your hair out in frustration!

      To anyone who wants to order one, I would definitely look around since Almanza doesn’t seem reliable. I got mine when they had an etsy shop, but I believe they no longer have them on etsy. I definitely agree that it doesn’t like Almanza is customer service friendly. I had no problems with communication, but this was awhile ago for me and it did take about a month to receive the hammock.

      If you want a similar hammock, I suggest googling “Nicaraguan hammock” since that is the type that I have. I sent him an email via his new website explaining my disappointment in his customer service. I’m so sorry you have to go through this Christianna. I hope that he refunds your money soon! I’ll definitely edit the post to add a shopping suggestion for it.

      I found these sites that carried similar hammocks:

      So sorry Christianna! I hope it resolves soon for you!

      • Christianna says:

        Thank you so much – I really appreciate you both taking the time to write me and share similar hammocks!!

        I know it was a long time ago and figured it was gifted for review, so you may not have had the same experience.

        Your blog is wonderful, and my feelings toward Almanza have no weight on how I feel about you or what was communicated in this year-prior post ๐Ÿ™‚

        Many thanks!

        • Christianna says:

          UPDATE: Almanza never refunded my money and never reached out to me, even after my PayPal communication attempts and one last voicemail notifying him I would continue with the claim until I was refunded. PayPal did, of course, rightfully refund my money.


    • Jody Kilpatrick says:

      I too lost money ordering this hammock. In mid July I ordered the wedding hammock from almanza’s website after seeing it on this blog. The money was removed from my pay pal account yet I have never received the hammock. I’ve sent numerous emails & gotten no replies. Do NOT order anything from this company!!!! Makes me so sick to have lost the money over simply wanting a hammock for my family to enjoy. Makes me so upset!!

      • Christianna says:

        Hi Jody,

        UGH this guy is ridiculous – it’s clearly not a real business – nobody in their right mind would treat their customers this way. If you have not already, please try and complete a PayPal claim. I was able to recover my money, finally, just the other day!!

        • Rubyellen says:

          Thanks ladies! I bolded the update on the post and rewrote some things so that Pedro’s shop name wouldn’t be the first thing to stick in a reader’s mind when reading the post. I appreciate you guys letting me know that shop wasn’t treating you right!!!

  • Nishant says:

    Hey! Im bout to move into my first college apartment and really want to be able to put a hammock inside, what did u use to actually hang it from the walls without it breaking anything?

  • Kbroussard says:

    How did you hang this? I want to put mine on my apartment balcony but live in fear of laying on it and immediately taking chunks out of the walls.

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