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August 7, 2012

we love our hammockwe love our hammockwe love our hammockwe love our hammockwe love our hammockOne of the things we have been loving this summer is our indoor hammock. I actually bought this hammock over two years ago and have been patiently waiting to put it up, and at the beginning of Summer, Ben finally got it up. I debated putting it up outside, but an indoor one just sounded kind of dreamy and so inside it went!

The girls absolutely love it! Most afternoons you will find one (or two) of them swinging back and forth. Sometimes it’s with a book in hand and sometimes not. When evenings come and the girls are in bed, I like to have my turn in the hammock and just relax. There is a couch across from it, so sometimes Ben will sit there and we’ll chat. One night, our power went out for a few hours, so I just opened up the windows, lit some candles, and quietly read while lying in the hammock. It was such a peaceful evening. Those types of evenings need to happen here more often.

It hangs from a very sturdy clasp and chain that are hooked onto some really sturdy eye bolts. Ben found the stud in the wall and that’s where the eye bolts went in. It is very secure and as long as it is being used properly, there are no problems. My only qualm is that the hanging fringe comes off easily, so I am always having to crochet it back on. Other than that, it’s a pretty dreamy place to relax and it’s one of our new favorite spots in the house.

Our indoor hammock is a spot in our house that definitely makes us smile. What spot in your home makes you smile?

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