a bit of texture

June 17, 2010

lots of texture necklace
I am still on my necklace making bit as it makes me happy as a clam! This one I love cause it has a whole lot of texture. I think the yarn, tulle, jersey, vintage lace and buttons make a lovely combination. What do you think? You can expect to see some of these in the shop soon.
Instead of waiting to have all my items ready at one time to update the shop, I will just update as I am able (less pressure for me), so tomorrow morning there will be this dollhouse pillow up for grabs. Next week, will be some necklaces and hair clips (hopefully). Being a mama to my three babycakies always comes first, so crafting and sewing sometimes gets thrown to the wayside.
Today is Thursday (yay!) and that means the weekend is almost here! Ben has been feeling under the weather lately, so please pray he gets better. We don’t like our Papi feeling sick!
p.s. my sister and her friend are real cute and encouraging. you will no doubt be encouraged after reading what they did yesterday! this world needs more richelles and stephanies!

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