All I did was eat for my 31st birthday

November 13, 2012

I turned 31 and all i did was eatSushirrito. This sushi burrito place is so good. We loved it so much we tried to recreate our own at home. Thank you to Meg for suggesting it! 

I turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eatChez Panisse. This place is wonderfully delicious! It’s in Berkeley and was suggested by my friend Melody. We went for lunch because they only serve one thing for dinner and that changes everyday, same with their lunch (for lunch they have 3 or so options), but the options for that particular evening didn’t make us curious. On the other hand, the lunch menu peaked our curiosity and it indeed was fantastic! If you want to go here, make sure to note it’s reservations only, so be sure to call ahead of time.

I turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eatTartine. Of course, I had to go here! So many of you suggested it and I am glad you did. I know Bi-rite was nearby, but sadly I didn’t get to go. The line was way too long and I didn’t want to wait. At least it gives me another reason to go back!

I turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eat Dosa. Delicious! Funnily enough, we didn’t order the dosa! Ben said he could have used more kick in his food, but overall so yummy. I loved the coconut rice so much and I want to try and make that at home now. Thank you Elle for suggesting it! 

I turned 31 and all i did was eat Cowgirl Creamery. Open faced grilled cheese totally hit the spot for breakfast right before our long bike ride to Sausalito. Thanks Jess for sharing!

I turned 31 and all i did was eat Ice cream in Sausalito. Can you really go wrong with pumpkin pie ice cream in a waffle cone?! Yeah, I didn’t think so. After 8 miles of biking, I think I deserved this.

I turned 31 and all i did was eat Italian doughnuts from the Ferry BuildingWe actually passed this in the morning and I wanted one, but didn’t get one. We came back to the Ferry Building in the afternoon and I made sure I got one. Glad I did!

I turned 31 and all i did was eat I turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eatDSC_1747 The Slanted Door. This was my favorite meal during the entire weekend! It was my birthday dinner too, so maybe that made it a bit special. Rule #1 when going to The Slanted Door is make a reservation way ahead of time! I didn’t realize how popular this place is and it is reservations only. We couldn’t get any, but thankfully they serve the full menu at the bar. When we got there the bar was full, so we stood around waiting, we only waited five minutes until someone left, and then sat down. We didn’t wait that long and sitting at the bar didn’t bother me one bit (it’s cozy sitting side by side), but if you want a table, make reservations. The uni, the oysters, the noodles, the fish (and the sauce), the squid, and the sour cream ice cream with figs and strawberry turnover was super uh-mazing! No joke. I’m craving it as I write this. Slanted Door, I miss you!

I turned 31 and all i did was eatI turned 31 and all i did was eat Burma Superstar. This was the last on the list and we ate it right before we got back on the road. It was good, but again Ben said he could have used more spice (that guy and spice!), but other than that, it was definitely tasty. I loved their chocolate spring rolls with coconut ice cream, which I took to go to eat on the road. We went to the Alameda one right after the flea market, so I don’t think it’s as busy as the SF one. Again, call ahead of time to get your name on a wait list. And thank you to those who suggested this place! 

I was telling my baby sister everything I ate in San Francisco and she was like, “Oh my gosh. All you did was eat!” I really did. There are even a few little places we ate at that aren’t pictured. Ben and I (and the kids) really don’t go out to eat very often. Eating out is just not something we do regularly (maybe once a month, if that), partly because it can be a bit of a challenge to eat out with all 4 kids and partly because it’s more budget friendly for us to have home cooked meals. Though when we go out of town, we like to splurge a bit (and it’s a lot easier to eat out at restaurants sans kids). And pretty much with every meal, I got dessert (and I was the only one who ate it as Ben doesn’t eat dessert). I figured it was my birthday weekend, so why not!

Thank you to all of you for taking your time and sharing suggestions. It totally aided in our planning as did yelp. Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed indulging in such yummy food together. I can’t wait to plan another trip somewhere and go crazy eating! I am sure you San Franciscans have many more places you would recommend and are the total pros in your area, and just based on our short time there, we’re pretty enamored with your eatery options.

10 comments on “All I did was eat for my 31st birthday”

  • Danielle says:

    NOw I regret coming to read your blog. I’m off to raid the pantry.


  • Dina says:

    You have great teeth! (and you are so pretty). Love the blog, keep it up.

  • ahhh. you did a good thing 😉 and you’re adorable! happy birthday!

  • Charlotte says:

    Everything looks so yummy!

    If you enjoyed the Tartine Bakery, you should start reading She baked every recipe in their cookbook in a year! Its a delish blog.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Chloe Moon says:

    Oh my!! What a yummy birthday indeed!! I have never been to San Francisco but now I definitely want to go if they have that many treats!! A sushi burrito?!?! My two favorite foods!!! =)

    Happy belated birthday!!!

    Ergo – Blog

  • Missi says:

    Oh, my! I turned 31 on the 5th – we’re scorpio sisters! (All I did was eat, too.)

  • Joellyn says:

    Wow, you’re making me homesick – I’ve been craving tea leaf salad from Burma Superstar for two years! You really hit all the best spots.

  • Susan says:

    Hi Ruby!

    This birthday looks like my idea of a celebration. We are all about indulging on delicious foods for birthdays and special occasions.

    I’m glad that you had a lovely birthday!

    P.S. The black and white photo of you is stunning! You look fabulous for being 31 years old and having four kiddos to boot! ;O)

  • Christine says:

    Happy birthday, Ruby! I agree with Susan, the b/w photo of you is GORGEOUS! Blessings for many more birthdays to come!

  • Jess says:

    looks like you had an awesome birthday! so glad you made it to the cowgirl creamery! yum! i will be back in SF for the birth of my nephew in March (which is also my birthday!) so i plan to eat eat eat! xo _Jess

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