out to school: 3/3

November 5, 2013

school styleschool styleschool styleMy big girls. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. I remember them being itty bitty and now these girls are the ones I depend on to help make my days slightly easier (and sometimes they make it harder too). They’re good at putting away the dishes, grabbing me something I need (though they usually fight about who gets to grab it), and helping keep an eye on Glow. I know I sometimes get frustrated with them because I expect them to already know what to do, but really, they’re just 6 & 7, and sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t. My job as their mother is to train them. They don’t come out already knowing what to do, so it’s my job to patiently teach them (even if sometimes it takes awhile for them to get it), so I need to remember… Ruby, they’re just kids! Take a chill pill. 

Today, we had a really good day together. We went on a field trip with their theatre class to watch a play and then we had a lunch date. I definitely need to try and squeeze in some special dates with them more often. It was just so nice to be able to have a bit of time just the three of us.

on true: dress and leggings, c/o fab kids  (love that they put together full outfits for you!). shoes, c/o old navy (worn here). on brave: dress and leggings, c/o fab kids. shoes, gap.

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